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What is the best way to stay high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nathan, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. It's thanksgiving, I've got 3g of DANK and a vape. I want to be high all day what do I do? Would 1 bowl every hour be best or would getting really high, than continue taking a hit every 15 mins all day. Which would work better and use less bud?
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    Just smoke a bowl, relax let it hit you, and when you feel like it's coming down smoke another bowl. It's not rocket science.

    Edit: ok vape not bowl
  3. with my da buddha I vape like halfway through a bowl and get blazed, then take hits every 10-20 minutes to prolong said high.
  4. Get high. Smoke bowls when you want to get higher. Mission accomplished.
  5. What kind of vape? Break it up, load a fat bowl, smoke it and you should be pretty high for 2-3 hours, repeat. 3g's should be able to last you a day. If you're up for 10 hours a day, load .3 gram bowls every time and that will be enough for 10 hours, so you could vape a .3g bowl every hour if you wanted to to keep your high up all day long.
  6. With my "Da Buddah" one vape pack can keep me high for a while. My advice would be to take just a small amount (it doesn't take much with a vape), vape it, and wait a while until you feel like you're coming down, then vape some more. 3gs with a vape can last a while if you do it right.
  7. I think we've got an answer.
  8. i used to do this on canoe trips. usually we smoke a bowl or w/e til we're high, and then once we're nearing sobriety we just smoke another one.... not really complicated. if its some indica i suggest you let yourself totally come down before smoking another one, the tiredness of coming down off an indica is multiplied when youre smoking again... or just drink a monster.
  9. I would vape the weed, then pack a bowl with it. :)
  10. I've never vaped, but I would separate the 3 grams into sections for every 2 hours-just vape and repeat
  11. Well, obviously it's way too late for this, but if you'd had some more time, your should have made cannabutter, and baked some brownies or something. This WILL keep you high for a long time. A day or two is not exaggerating... (Depending on the amount of cannabis and how much you bake)

    But for now, I guess you should just vape till you feel good, and be good. When you feel like you're coming down, have some more. You should know better than anyone how much you need.

    Hope you have a good time, bro! :smoke:

    - Serenity
  12. i vape all day everyday and have been for a while and 3g will still last me atleast 5 days. i use a DBV connected to my bong :smoke:
  13. I used like a half 8th today..........bye bye money :( lol.
  14. [quote name='"Nathan"']I used like a half 8th today..........bye bye money :( lol.[/quote]

    I smoked a half zone on Wednesday lol don't feel too bad.. Best way to stay high is to roll that shit light that shit smoke that shit... Lol
  15. How is your rep so high, and you're asking this type of question? Come on, man...

  16. :rolleyes:

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