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What is the best way to eat half a gram of hash?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MrAnonymouz, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. My friend and I are planning on eating half a gram of hash each. What would be the most effective way to do that? So far we have been planning on using the following recipe: Take an oreo and take off the top. Scoop out a little bit of the white creme in the center. Take a spoon and put butter in it. Then crumble some bits of hash into the spoon as well. Cook the hash and butter together on the spoon by putting a lighter underneath. When it melts down a bit pour the mixture into the middle of the oreo and put the top back on. Put the "special" oreo into the freezer for 15 minutes. Pick a special time, and enjoy!
  2. I don't think you can eat hash?
  3. I would grind the hash as fine as you could possibly get it. Sounds like an Ify but interesting idea, but I think there would be a more efficient method before you go off wasting a half g of hash that would be better for smoking. Good luck and have fun.
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    actually I know a woman who says her husband who isan MMJ patient like myself that eats balls of hash. Which is a total waste IMO. He could be getting so much more out of it.

    What you want to do is break it up and put it in something warm or mix it up in something. Make an edible out of it.

    Cannabis, hash, kief, or raw bud that is consumed needs to bind be activated by heat or bind to a fat in order to get the most out of it.

    your digestive system will get some of the kief or the hash or the raw bud's components into your bloodstream, but it won't be as much as if you try to properly activate it or bind it by using temperature or fat/oil.
  5. Dude... Don't do that, its not gonna be that potent. Make a firecracker, or single serving oil and do whatever!

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