What is the best thing for the least amount of wasted weed?

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  1. Hey all just wondering what I should get that will give me the least amount of wasted weed. When I smoke joints I feel like a lot of it is being burnt off.
    Never tried a pen vaporizer but really considering it. Thanks in advance
  2. Any dry hand pipe.  Just pack little enough so that that after you are done inhaling, the bowl is cached. Make sure your inhaling all the smoke produced.
    You can get one with a bowl topper like these.  You pack'em, and then screw on the top. then when you inhale it pulls the flame thru the hole, and when your done, you cover the top w/ a finger and the stem w/ your thumb.  Keeps the cherry from burning/ wasting your weed.
  3. Awesome now is a glass hand pipe the same as a dry hand pipe? Sry very new to this. I deffinatly want the bowl topper to but want to see how it works. Theres an awesome headshoo by my olace that should have them

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    Yes. Dry just means it does not use water.
  5. Vaporizers are the most efficient by far but stay away from pen vapes for vaping herb.   They are fine though for concentrates.
  6. Vaporizer 
    them look fresh, i love those vapepen dry herb attatchments, similar concept just batter powered vs using a lighter
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  9. most efficient would be a vape, most efficient way of smoking would be a grav bong.
  10. Blunt is probably the least efficient, Bong or pipe i'd reckon would be most efficient as it only burns as you take a hit rather than burning constantly as a blunt or joint does in between tokes. I still smoke joints tho haha.Sent from my GT-S6810P using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    vapes arent really more efficient. in terms of THC percentage, yes you get the most out of your bud, BUT vapes operate around 350-390 F... there are canninanoids in your buds that require higher temperatures to vaporize than your vape can achieve. this is why you get a clear-headed high, instead of having a rushy-headed high.

    being realistic... if you had a gram to smoke out of a bong, and a gram to smoke out of a vape, youd feel higher during the bong high. straight up

    the most efficient piece would be a dry pipe or one hitter packed just enough to burn the bowl to ash in one go. exhaling while a bowl is still burning means wasted weed smoke $$$
    There are a LOT of people that would disagree that statement, especially if you consider vaporbonging.
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    the ones who disagree probably paid too much for there vape lol

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    Oh gawd........... :rolleyes:  Spoken like a true neophyte and a very young one at that.
  15. Sublimator

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    for me it has been switching to dabbing.  
    I'm combusting 5% or less grass then I used to, saving at least 50% of my cash if not way more, my lungs feel great....and I'm still very medicated!
    I guess it is a bad answer....medicine!
  17. some may disagree. its whatever

    a vape will save you bud no doubt. but a bong will get you higher.

    cmon man u cant deny its a clear headed high. you cant get as stoned as you would from combustion.

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    Kyle, I've been smoking weed longer than you've been alive and I can guarantee you that you can get just as stoned from vaping as you can from combustion.
    When you say that a vape will save you bud but a bong will get you higher, I vape through my bong and I can get just as high as I ever have.
    With that said, I got to add something here.   When you smoke, you are inhaling toxins like benzine and carbon monoxide.    Those toxins add a high of their own so if that is what you are after, than yes, you will not get those with vapor and those affects may be what you are referring to.
  19. Vaporizers save the most bud

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  20. The mechanics of gravity bongs are efficient unless (someone like me) sucks at using them and end up wasting tons of precious smoke. if this kid didn't know what a dry piece meant I think he should stick with something easier to use than a gravity bong, just imo

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