what is the best soil to use from seedling to flowering

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  1. I know that pre furted soil is bad bc it burns seedlings and you cant controll the amont of furts you put into the plants. it has ben my down fall for my last three grows but now I want to start a grow with good soil. I heard that fox farm soil is good but I also heard that it can burn young plants so am asking what is the best soil to use for the whole grow cycle
  2. please someone anybody?
  3. Go promix its a soilless medium its got alot of perlite and it allows for good moisture and it drys fluffy which gets oxy to your roots. And it has no nutes in it so the nute feedings is all up to you
  4. is promix a brand name or just a product that some brand makes if so whats the brand name
  5. Promix HP and Promix BX are two types of Promix. I don't know if it is the company name or product name- that is a very good question.

    Promix HP is made to flow water faster and needs to be watered more frequently
    Promix BX is specially formulated for water retention and needs less water

    I use HP and add vermiculite so it can be watered more often.

    If you can get Fox Farm Ocean Forest then go for it. I've never had plants burn from the nutrients already in the soil. I prefer Promix as it is much lighter and the plants grow faster in it.

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