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what is the best skunk you have ever smoked

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Skunk_mister, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. probably red devil it was good shit i smoked it in my bong while standing and it made me so body stonned i fell back on my bed im wanting to try purple haze and stuff but were i live it is very very very rare to come across
  2. smart is it expensive for the seeds for it i am going to start my 1st grow in few weeks and just wondering if its practical what strain is it sativa or indica because im very limited to space
  3. im not to sure actully man this was a first time pick up my guys were dry and got it through a friends friend it is rly good shit tho lol :) for me any ways all ive ever smoked is good mids never been able to hook up dank strands :(
  4. i got this shit over the weekend that was called afghani dream X island skunk. its was pretty crazy bud
  5. cool what where the affects couch lock or head high anyone know if their is any other highs apart from them two
  6. it was a very clean, energetic high with absolutlely no burnout.
  7. i guess ak47... but sage is a close second.
  8. Big Kahuna

    Skunk #1 x Afghani-Hawaiian x Big Bud

    Had an entire 8th for 4/20 amongst many other top strains.

    Very very potent herb, had an extreme odor both smoked and unsmoked that lingered for a good long while. It was a heavy smoke and it had an incredle hashy overtone with a nice lemony undertone in the taste. The high was a hybrid but was more indica then Sativa although it didnt give much of a burn out, unless you smoked it with 4 other top strains then yeah your kinda fucked with a burn out if u do that.
  9. Master Kush/G13/Jack Herer/Sour D are def at the top of my list. Any type of kush tho is usually potent.
  10. Skunk Haze
    Jack Herrer
    Bunrese Kush
  11. Skunk haze
  12. years ago, when on the island of oahu,,,, i got my hands on some pure hawaiin sativa,,,, from a local who knew my friend....:wave: real spiritual shit..... made you question things, like why was the flip-flop, invented...... i recall that was a topic we got on!!!!!:rolleyes:
  13. Either this Sweet Island Skunk that my friend grew: [​IMG]

    Or this other really skunky stuff I got a long time ago:
  14. ATF
    x-mas buds
  15. I got Island Skunk right now, it has a strong odor and smell, pretty sweet taste, and about 50/50 sativa indica blend.

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