What is the Best Scientific Bubbler?

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  1. I know I know, "best" is relative. I have a friend who is doing a lot of glass browsing right now and is looking for some new stuff. Scientific bubblers are in his sights and I am not the most knowledgeable on them. So I figured I put it to the city and ask what people thought a couple of the best types were in terms of quality of glass, high diffusion, minimal drag, and any other relevent design quirks.
  2. no bubbler. only RooR.
  3. Dude that's fucking disgusting get a real pipe yo
  4. definitely not. my friend is a diffusion junkie and loves his percs.

    that's nasty but creative.

    so any takers? actual advice? where the fuck is mada when I need him
  5. i own a mobius matrix ion and its ridiculous. No drag and it stacks real good
  6. I just ordered the Glasscity/SNOB collab 8 arm Bubbler. Its $125 but I used the 30% off coupon on Grasscity's front page and it was $112 total.... Great price for an awesome looking piece. Can't wait
  7. Yeah from what I have heard/seen, the matrix bub and the luke wilson 15 arm seem to be the two most people rank at the top. Just wondering if there were any others the community thinks can compete with those two.

  8. Look at HBG for bubblers. There all 5mm to 7mm glass, come in showerhead, circ, 10-arm tree, and this new prototype perc that I actually own.

    They're ridiculous.
  9. Word. Any links you could offer up? Not sure off the top of my head of any sites that carry their stuff

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