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What Is The Best Odor Neutralizer/killer For The Smell Of Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Cyberlink420, May 17, 2013.

  1. I used some febreeze air cans, and I can still smell it in my room after 2 days. I did smoke in my room 3 days ago, but the febreeze, fan, window wide open and windy outside should have done away with it.
    The smell is also somewhat in my car, but after driving on the highway with the windows down all the way it has dissipated mostly.
    What is a spray I can purchase that will mask it, remove it after smoking? My family doesn't have a problem with me smoking anymore, but they are not fond of the smell, so if I can get shorten the longevity of the odor, then everyone will be happy.

  2. Febreeze bro.
  3. Since my room has carpet, should I get both the Air version and the fabric?
  4. ozium, 4 reals.
  5. more marijuana.
  6. Ozium always worked for me, especially if used along with a sploof. Just got an air purifier today, so I'm interested to see how well that deals w/ odor.
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    Cigar lounges and growrooms use high-end carbon filters to eliminate odor. I use 2 in my basement, smoke the place out and nobody can smell it upstairs.
    These are affordable... DIY carbon filter compendium
  8. Febreeze all the way smells good kills Bacteria and odor
  9. Definitely Ozium. In my experience, Febreeze, incense, etc. just add another smell to the marijuana scent rather than eliminating it. Most of the time it only masks the smell for a few minutes, if that. Ozium makes it completely go away after a short spray.
  10. add 1 part bleach to 2 parts water when you flush. guaranteed 100% success
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    I use Nag Champa Incence, the room or car wil then smell like incence so make sure you like the smell first. I personally think nothing smells better than nag champa.
  12. you should go for a vaporizer ,since the odor dissipates rather quickly , especially with a window open.
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    Never heard of Ozium until just now, i looked it up online and it looks like its not very safe to use on a regular basis. It can cause reproductive abnormalites and affects testosterone levels!!!

  14. TRY OZIUM AND U WILL THINK ITS THE BEST FOR KILLING ALL SMELL, i mean, dont inhale it and u should be gucci
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    Ona, hands down. You can get a quart for about $20 and mix it at 1/4 cup per gallon of water for a spray, that comes out to about $1 per gallon. You can also put the mix in a small humidifier for constant air freshener and tailor the mixture to just the right strength. Its made from natural oils so no nasty chemicals, and is designed to be used in industrial locations with horrible smell, like sewage plants.

    Febreeze is a joke, and over priced crap compared to ona. Many growers use it to help with the odor, which is 100 times worse than just toking a few bowls in your room.
  16. i find if i smoke in my room (usually late at night), if i leave the window open it airs out by the morning. If i leave the fan on 1 hour max. That is without any spray or anything. Just smoke bongs and blow it all out the window and ensure it doesnt blow back in. Frebreeze or deodorant or anything also can arouse suspicion, and then you just have to get that smell out as well.
  17. I'm not sure if you have these where you come from but I have an Air-wick odour detecting freshener. it's a gadget which sprays freshener when it detects a smell. It doesn't completely cover it but it helps. You have to keep buying cannisters for it every three weeks or something, they're not expensive but it is an ongoing cost.
    Also I have this odour neutraliser I bought which is a container with transparent couloured jelly balls in it which emits frangrance. I always blow the smoke out the window and make sure there is no smoke in the bong.
    There is a new gadget available from air-wick which actually has a fan in it which blow the air through a carbon filter and then past a fragrence emitter. I don't have on yet but it looks good.
  18. I've never had problems as long as I smoke near a window and blow it out then put a fan in the window and turn it on whatever the highest setting that my ears can stand is. There is another one I use but it only works if you have a bathroom connected to your room with a window and you can smoke in it, first I close up the bathroom and smoke out the window in there, then I get some strong smelling shampoo and put a quarter sized dab of it on the place in the shower floor where the water hits then I turn the shower on high heat for just a couple of minutes so steam builds up and the sent of the shampoo gets really strong, keep in mind I have a fan in the window the whole time to suck all the steam out.

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