What is the best kind of concentrate to vape?

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  1. I see that people can vape shatter, wax, hash oil etc. I am so confused! What kind of thc is in the cartridges and syringes that dispensaries sell?
  2. Honestly it depends on what potency you would like to vape. If you were to use a solid concentrate, you obviously cannot vape it as is. You need to use a cutting agent in order to liquefy it into an E-Juice. This will thus make it less potent. However if you were to start off with a honey oil, you can put this straight into your tank and vape it. There are different types of cutting agents though that allow for different diluting ratios. When I use shatter, I mix it with holy terp to liquefy it at a 2 to 1 ratio and works quite well similar to what's sold in the dispensaries, but a hell of a lot cheaper.
  3. Any hash you can get your hands on. You can vape any type of hash in a convection vape. Conduction vapes might do better with traditional hashes.

    Go over to fuckcombustion for more vaping knowledge. Grass city doesn'y have a big vapour community by comparison.
  4. Some vaporizers are compatible with concentrates, like the Super Surfer and VapeXhale Cloud Evo.

    The concentrates in those disposable cartridges dispensaries sell varies from brand to brand. Some brands like O.pen have super low THC percentages(under 30%, most normal concentrates are over 80) and they have a ton of additives. You're basically smoking coconut oil at that point.

    Do your research before buying a cartridge, make sure it has a pretty high THC %(over 70 is good, over 80 is great). Some good ones that come to mind are Kurvana, Eureka and Absolute. Kushy Punch makes a ridiculously potent syringe as well that has been recommended to me multiple times.

    Here's a little chart I just found with some THC %s
  5. Terpy live resin lol

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