What is the beauty of nature?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by the not so good fonze, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. I know that nature is beautiful, but i can't find the root of it. So I just wanna hear y'all's take on the subject. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. We aren't meant to know brother..l
  3. nature is our true home, we've come from it and grown in it, i think that's why we have this deep connection with nature when we're surrounded in it. It's a sort of primal feeling I get, like feeling your TRUE roots of creation and evolution, a mysterious link to the past and the present
  4. I think it's all atrociously ugly, tbh
  5. nature? ugly? I'm so sorry for your loss....
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    I'm sorry for your relativity.
    I think nature is a very beautiful thing, but this was an awesome comeback lol.
    Beautiful, beautiful nature.
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  12. WTF is beauty?
  13. Go away you troll. "Yes she want a lover with the sensativity ya"
    I'm trying to make a point.
    You said you know nature is beautiful, in the science forum. Every 'proof' you've provided, I've countered. At least, according to my subjective view. Then again, beauty is subjective. So how do you know nature is beautiful?
    Maybe this would be better placed in the art forum, rather than in this dry old scientific forum.
  15. Point taken. "Yes she want a lover with the sensativity ya"
    You said it right there.
    Nature is beautiful because it is the root of our existence. Just like a mother giving birth to a child is beautiful and symbolic, nature itself is a beautiful symbol of human origins and the duality of life in its simple complexity.
    Look in the mirror?
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