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what is skunk? i'm reading here that its different to regular bud.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jayjay5396, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. i thought all cannabis buds were known as skunk but apparently not. what is skunk? i dont even think ive had it before google got me lol
  2. There's skunk strains...? It's more so "skunky" smelling. Skunk smell = dank
  3. Googles retarded, or you're really high. Its simply smelly bud
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    i guess some weed does smell different yeah but google is saying its very potant n skunk smokers are 7x more lightly to suffer with psychosis than regular cannabis smokers i've not had any trouble with weed but doesnt sound good.

    yeah man im high makes me think about stuff.
  5. i really hope you're joking...
  6. Good weed has a very similar, strong smell to the protective spray of a skunk.

    Nothing better than driving down the road and smelling a skunk..a lot of people say "Eww, that smells nasty!". I'm just thinking "Where's my bowl?"
  7. btw, google itself doesn't say anything, it just searches for info, where'd you get that info?
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    Dude thats why im here asking about it, i wanna ask you guys the hardened smokers i get more sense from you then some news paper they prob anti-drug anyways.

    is skunk the name of the strain? like white widow or blueberrys strain names?
  9. Calling weed skunk is simply used to describe really good herb..they have a very similar, distinct smell. Strains that have the word "skunk" in them (such as Skunk #1 and Sweet Island Skunk strains) are derived from this. Dank strains (that don't have "skunk" in the name) have a skunk smell too. If you've never smelled a skunk that's sprayed close to a road or been hit by a car, it smells like someone has a QP of dank in the car.

  10. What is skunk? | Grow Info | Dutch Passion
  11. Thanks for the pseudo intelligence.

    Where do you think they got the term for that 1980's strain?! Skunk began as a strain in the 1980's, because weed was getting better; therefore, the smell was getting stronger. Fast forward to 3 decades of marijuana evolution, and there's an immense amount of strong strains (many that are stronger than the original strain in the 80's that had a skunk smell and was the "skunk" strain). Have you never smelled a skunk? People call good weed skunk, because it smells like a skunk. That's why any past or present strains would even have the word skunk in their strain name.
  12. This topic isn't even worth arguing about, but you should probably use your head before questioning the intelligence of others.

    1. Not all good weed smells the same. In fact, the skunky smell is a characteristic small portion of good strains.
    2. Using the word "skunk" as a generalisation is a product of ignorant media articles having no idea what they're talking about so, standing ovation to you, you're now on their level.
    3. Strains with Skunk in the name are, in almost all cases, of skunk #1
  13. You're right, I used my left big toe to answer your response, not my head. Obviously you're not going to even consider anything I said. You're missing the point, though. "Skunk #1" came from the fact it smelled like skunk. Weed that smells like skunk is often times referred to as skunk..Go back to my other responses.

    Before making a generaliZation that I'm ignorant, at least spell it right.
  14. skunk is referring to the smell there is no type of weed called skunk
  15. anyone else read the article on the page about the guy killing his parents ? and they try to blame it on weed....maybe it's due to the fact that he's a schitzophrenic?

  16. I dont know man, sometimes I get way too high and decide to kill a bunch of people...

    ...then i turn off my xbox and smoke more weed.

    I try to ignore articles like these, they make me so mad
  17. Skunk is just a strain of weed ive read that most strains have skunk in them but a skunk strain is just more pure.

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