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What is Sativa?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spindles, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. What is it? Is it another name for weed? Ive just never heard it being used, apart from episodes of Weeds. Is it stonger? :)
  2. Its just a different species, from different parts of the world

    Its different
  3. i know of 4 diff types

    cannabis indica
    cannabis sativa
    cannabis afganica
    and cannabis rudalius
  4. that is so cool! where im from all you get is 'weed' no strain or name, or sativa, just weed..and its always crap, needs fly spray to boost it lol. :) thanks i didnt know
  5. wait fly spray? are you spraying chemicals onto your weed and smoking it?!?!?! wtf?!?!?!?:mad:

    don't do that. bad for you

    where do you live? I can't think that there would be anywhere in the US where you can't get any good weed
  6. yea these r just the types of weed the first three i think r good to smoke but the last if no thc.
    u should grow your own weed so u can control quality
    where u from if u dont mind me asking

  7. Dude you've never tried spraying off on your bud before?
  8. australia, lol thats why im always posting threads and stuff at like 9am in usa time, its almost 9pm here (; smoking cones..

    yeh flyspray, it makes you trip mad balls... only a tiny bit of spray. its harmless to inhale when you use it in your house? ..
  9. woah man who the fuck would spray their weed man?!?!?!
    shitty weed or not i would never do that shit:eek:
  10. i had a friend who did it heaps -true story- had a friend who said someone used to talk in their head..trippy stuff..and they took acid aswell lol :)
  11. what the fuck theres some good shit in australia man, you just needa find it brother. Fly sprays gonna fuck you up
  12. this shit's tragic. ferreal though
  13. dude seriously man u live in aussi the climate is pretty good there u should grow man.
    theres a few on here in grasscity from aussi and grow outdoors
  14. everyone grows outside, the electricity companies here work with the police to monitor power usage /: you get busted. i know, can i get sativa here? lol i dont do flyspray everyday dw, :)
  15. Most of your cheap mexican is sativa.Fresh sativa provides a speedy heady up type buzz and an indica is just the opposite, a downer stick you to the couch type buzz .I call sativa speedy weed.I like it to start the day or for a mid day buzz.The indica is for nighty nighty.
  16. growin in aus is easy, so many state forests and shit where no one goes :smoke:
  17. seems like u dont know the diff in indica and sativa really.
    just do this friend.
    im sure ur weed has seeds in them right?
    just get those seeds and plant them if u find male plants ur grow pull the male plants out.
    and just let the female plants grow just get some basic firtilizer like bat guano/poop
    these plants u grow will definitely be better than the ones u buy,
    unless they r crap genetics.
    but if u find a seeds in some super good weed u come across u should keep those seeds
  18. u from aussi??
  19. yeh man :smoke:
  20. west coast u.s (very liberal state and city on cannabis:D)

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