What is my potential yield? Detailed

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  1. I have read this question before. To all the experienced growers that hate this question, I am sorry, but allow me to be more detailed.
    What is my potential yield?
    This is my 4th grow. 1st small buds and a lot of stretch. 2nd and 3rd all males 3 for 3 and 5 for 5. Not kidding.
    Did my homework.
    Now: 4th grow, bought fem seeds.
    Two grow tents. 1 Veg Tent 4' x 2' 1 Flower tent 3' x 2'. I have started with 1 Super Haze Fem, 2 Super Silver Fem, 1 California Hash Fem, 1 White Widow Fem
    12 CFL in veg tent 6500K 26W (100W) each
    2 CFL in flower tent 2700k each (more will be added when needed)
    Soil and nutrients are controlled. I've done my homework. Pot size 10in
    Right now I am on the fifth week from SPROUT
    I am LSTing
    I veg 24/0
    My plan: I have 1 Super Siler that started Flowering at the end of Week 4. She is now about 12 – 15 inches (this one was not LST'd) but is healthy
    My other girls are going to veg until week 12. Let me state, they are very happy. I pleased with the LST.
    I am cloning 2 clones from each of the remaining 3 vegging ladies.
    So, at week 12 - 14 I'll harvest first Super Silver.
    At week 12 I'll start flowering the 12 week old ladies (LST'd) and the clones hopefully will be 7 weeks old. assuming they survive.
    At week 22, I'll hopefully harvest 3 LST'd plants and start 6 clones to flower.
    At week 32, final harvest before I have to tear down to prepare for upcoming plans.
    I appreciate any feedback and theories.
  2. Hate to break the news... a lot of times "femmed" seeds will still turn on you or go hermie.. If you're getting 100% male on your grows its likely you've got a climate conditioning the plant towards male gender. Things like temp and nutrients, light schedule can impact your plant. However, if you get a few strong females and you clone them like you planned that shouldnt be a problem anymore. Good luck!
  3. I love this question...it's like asking somebody what kind of gas mileage they'll get without knowing what kind of car, what kind of road...anything....impossible to answer accurately!!

    There is a simple answer..I'll put it to you 2 different ways: 1 gram of finished bud PER watt of light that you're using.....or.....1/4 lb off of each plant....these are the yields to shoot for....that helped me get perspective on things for my first few grows....if you get even half of this goal, you're doing well.....

    just be patient and plan to get an ounce of scraggly weed in the end...that way I can at least guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised with even a gram!
    good luck!
  4. CMD, you fail. It isn't like asking what kind of mileage without knowing what car. He even gave us the car specs. Bad analogy, but good point.

    That being said, not much. You're running 100 W total, with 5 plants, that breaks down to 20 W per plant. With 5 girls I'd usually run at least 300 (100 W first plant, 50 W each after)

    I'd set a goal of an ounce per plant though. That might be a little low, or a little high, who knows. Good luck dude.
  5. yeah it kinda is like that though Agovita...I mean do you know how many node sites are on each plant?

    have you seen pics that I havn't?

    Can you really tell how many branches there are on each plant? Is the plant looking as healthy as it should? does it have the right shades of color where they are supposed to be?

    It is totally awesome that you can accurately tell someone what to expect from a crop and setup that youve never even seen a picture of:hello:..nice

    I only meant my reply as a guide to measure one's own progress by....

    BTW, I have a 3'x7' room with 2000w HPS, a 12" exhaust, 12 waterfarm buckets all with grand daddy purple strain in them...they are about 1 week away from harvest...how much will I get? Don't forget to be exact now!!!

    I'm just stoned and bustin yer balls...you'll probably end up being right:)
  6. dude im more concerned with actually getting through my grow with no problems rather than my yeild.i could have a half ounce per plant as long as i grew it rite, ill be happy.
  7. Thanks for the thoughts. I'm just curious.
    I am using 12 6500K 100W CFLs in the veg tent, doesn't that equal 1200 watts total. 240 watts per plant?
    The temp in the tent is 75 – 80 degrees.
    The males were from bag seeds.
  8. Are you talking about bulbs that actually use 100 watts, or CFL bulbs that are equivalent to a 100 watts of incandescent light?

    If you got these at the hardware store or walmart, it's almost certainly the latter, those are only really 26 watts each, and that's the number you need to be working with for your calculations.

    edit: Rereading it, you are using 100 watt equivalents. You only have about 300 actual watts.
  9. No, it equals 312W total, 62W per plant. The 26W per bulb is a real number. Those bulbs draw something on the order of 26W a piece. The 100W equivalency is the sales pitch, which we can ignore. The fact that a 26W CFL may have some sort of equivalency to a 100W incandescent bulb is not a useful piece of information in this context.
  10. I'm going to say 4-5 ounces.

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