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    1390429918565.jpg 1390429940398.jpg 1390429966079.jpg 1390429995148.jpg 1390430017077.jpg 1390430044799.jpg 1390430071833.jpg 1390430094356.jpg Whats wrong with them? Could it be from cold (temps been dropping to 50F few times at night) or is it something else? It seems to be climbing up from from the root, by the stem (yellowing, look at the bottom leaves) white spots on the tips of the leaves starts from top-mid.. No fertilizer or anything used yet, should i?Oh, and a..Theres 4 of them, oldest ~7weeks, youngest 3-4weeks? Lemon, Sour or SS Haze probably, cant remember.Perlite soil, indoor, 200W atm, watering over 2day or so, when soil is dry in hand.

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