What is it with woman and crock pots?

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  1. My mom brought me a crock pot, so i was like great that would look so good in the cabinet below the microwave. my room mate who is also a girl dug it out today and is making something. and when i think about it nealry every girl i know has a fascination with with cooking soups and stuff for a 9 hour period when it's just so much easier and to just throw things on the stove or buy it pre made at the store. just something i wanna know.
  2. Roflcopters... Women. How silly.;)
  3. How strange...
  4. You guys must never have used a crock pot... it makes anything taste a hundred times better, and it works so god damn well for making edibles..

    EDIT: plus, you don't have to sit there and watch it cook. Sorry if you "Men" have never cooked before, but having the ability to have food cook on it's own is a great thing.

  5. I cook all the time, my perogies and bachamel sauce are praised in 3 states, my cakes, quiche, alfredo sauce, pizza, chicken and dumplings, sour beef and dumplings, rouladin, etc... are all great. i never tasted the diffrence between say a crockpot chicken and dumblings and a stove top chicken and dumplings. us men i guess are just smarter when it comes to cooking.
  6. If I knew the answer...
  7. Crock pots make women look like better cooks. You can throw a bunch of crap in one and in a few hours have an awesome meal :)
  8. at least shes in the kitchen...i'm having a hard time controlling mine...lost my receipt too :(
  9. It literally cooks food in its own juices. Pot roast is le sex.
  10. lol. the funny thing is she dosnt intend to share.
  11. Crock pots are idiot proof. You literally can't screw up food in one. I'm not saying that's why women love them, I'm just sayin'...
  12. Also if you are ballsy enough you can start your dinner in the morning, go to work, and 8 or 9 hours later come home to some hot delicious beef stew or something. I know a few people who do it; also women.
  13. are you complaining that a women in your house is cooking LIKE SHE FUCKING SHOULD BE....

    all i see is your mom hooked it up son
  14. Crock pots= easy meal. I wouldn't call it a fascination with women and crock pots, just being practical.
  15. it's the easiest way to make delicious pulled pork.

    out that shit in the morning and when you get home in the afternoon it's done cooking.

    melt in your mouth porky goodness
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    Also, I don't see why getting a meal out of throwing some shit in the crockpot in the morning and stirring every now and then over the course of the day is a bad thing. Easy and brainless.

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