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what is hash? how do you make it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CitySmoker420, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. what is hash? how do you make it?
  2. i was gonna answer your question,

    but then i saw this:

    note: Disclaimer: Any posts derived herin by citysmoker420 should be accepted as pure fiction. Any statements, suggestions, advice, questions or help posted by me should not be taken seriously. I do not condone illegal activities, nor do I participate in illegal acts. All pictures posted by me are found easily on the world wide web. All commentary by me should be accepted as hypothetical discussions and have no basis of fact.

    could have fooled me, i thought you were really asking a question.

    oh well, next thread.

  3. really??
  4. retarded signature means retarded answers.

    Ash is a result of a solid substance after it is burned.

    You make ash by burning stuff.
  5. Try searching the forums for it. There are more guides for that than you'd realize. There's even a sticky in the Recrational Smoker's forum labeled "HASH MAKING GUIDE" or something. We know you're new but...laziness to look for something so blantant can not be blamed on being stoned...god just hates you.

    ...Just Kidding. Anywho delve deeper into the forums and you shall find a wealth of information on making hash, hash oil, blah blah

    But what it happens to be is the pure filtered trichomes of the female marijuana plant obtained through a sifter found in "Pollenators" and herb grinders with a sifting screen.

    In it's most raw form I'd guess you could call it Keif, Kif, Kieph, there's too many spellings for it depending on what continent you live on...anywho "Hash" is usually obtained by pressing this trichomy goodness into cakes via a press, iron and paper, blah blah...there's lots of ways to do it.

    Hope that helped, enjoy!

    The Genius
  6. Thanks Victoryusername that should help him a lot!
  7. ok now i have a question... what exactly is keif?

  8. Hahahaha, I was laughing at this for like 10min.

    I would rep you, but I gotta spread some around first
  9. already explained above....kief is the trichromes off pot, only not compressed into a ball or anything
  10. this guy is obviously not 18 first he creates a thread WHO IS FROM CONNECTICUT but he didnt even spell the dam states name right now he wants to know about hash and keif whats next a how do i talk to a girl thread
  11. Nah...girls still have cooties when you're in 4th grade.

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