what is happiness and peace?

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  1. what is the essence of happiness and peace? how do you know you are basking in it--TRUE enlighntenment ??? please share your words of wisdom!!!
  2. People can get deep on this but in a nutshell, you'll find it in yourself. And you'll know when youve scratched the surface of it. Then, the key is to keep digging at it. It doesnt happen overnight, but you'll have this feeling inside and youll get a hell of a ride.

  3. The true essence of happiness is undescribable.

    To acheive real happiness, you have to have peace within yourself. Happiness is a grand thing so peace within is well worth it.

    I work on it everyday and even though I am already happy, I have some things I need to let go of to lighten my aura. Inner conflict can hold a person down for a long time not allowing any happiness to abound.

    *Very early this morning, I took my dog out, breathed in the mountain air, stretched and briefly reflected on my life. I leaned over and hugged my huffalump while he watched a rabbit and really thought about how happy I am.*

    If a person can be this happy, imagine how much happiness can abound with inner peace.
  4. RMJL has the right answer. Happinees is when, what ever happens around you, you can still be happy with yourself.

    You can't have true happiness with out peace, or peace with out happiness.

    Love thyself and the rest comes easier!
  5. RMJL did it again!!! exactly what i was thinking.. it does come within, and true happiness comes when you are truly at peace with yourself. i'm working on my issues too, but generally am happy as well... and reflect on the wonders of life.

    TRUE enlightenment, will we ever know what that is BEFORE we die? what defines TRUE enlightenment? is the definition cut-and-dry? can you truly measure enlightenment?
    i always wonder, when i'm absolutely elated, what could be better than this?
    why worry if there is, when it feels so good as it is!! :)

    i'm trying harder to LIVE life and not question it, because i would stress myself out too much when i was doing the questioning. the more i live it, the happier i am.

  6. What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?

    Probably the fact that people have NO IDEA what they truly are.

    Is a slacker who gets high and watches turtles screw on a beautiful mountain road really happier than a Peace Corps worker who can't take the time to enjoy the beauty around her?

    Is the person who spends 18 hours a day in selfless toil helping crack addicted babies less loving then the pothead who spouts hippie rhetoric?

    Is the nun who was raped and murdered doing "Gods" work less understanding then the person who "thinks" about deaper meanings?

    And when we throw in "enlightenment" into the mix are we asking too much of ourselves?

    Inner Peace IS happiness! If you believe you are happy and you lack inner peace you are probably young.
    If you think you can be happy in a vacuum, happily smoking ganja while your brother bleeds to death, you also are probably very young.

    If you think the transient is the source of your happiness you are truly young!

    What's so funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding?

    Our answers!
  7. i think that once you have found inner love & peace and have come to terms with yourself and your surroundings then maybe you have touched on true peace through acceptance. peace and happiness not only for yourself but any creature or plant living on this earth, then compassion turns to love and love then in turn becomes eternal peace.

    here are a few words from the great philosiphers and writers:

    "take care of the sense and the sounds will take care of themselves."
    -lewis carol-

    "if the dullest person in the world would only put down sincerly what he or she thought about his or her life, about work and love, religion and emotion, it would be a facinating document"
    -a c benson-

    "what is needed is, in the end, simply this: solitude, great inner solitude. going into yourself and meeting no one for hours on end - that is what you must be able to attain."
    -rainer maria rilke-

    "let him mature the strength of his imagination amongst the things of this earth, which is his business to cherish and know."
    -joseph conrad-

    "follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness."
    -allen ginsberg-

    "we work in our own darkness a great deal with little real knowledge of what we are doing."
    -john steinbeck-

    "it is strange that words are so inadequate."
    -t s elliot-
  8. I realized the day I found inner peace in myself that I had found true happiness as it pertains to me. It was in that instant that I looked at the world and accepted it for its true beauty. It was like I was breathing for the first time......I felt like I was one with the energy of the world. I was completely content with the pros and cons of this society as a whole. To me my ultimate enlightenment came when I accepted my own faults but learned to use the assets and talents I was given. To be enlightened was like adjusting my eyes to all this life has to offer and being brave enough to enjoy life to the fullest.
  9. It is truely uplifting to read comments like these, because you don't hear too much talk about peace in individuals, it's always about world peace or peace in foreign countries etc. Of course this is important, but it all starts with the individual. We aren't going to get anywhere as a society if the people aren't happy with themselves and content with those around them. It's all about understanding and accepting. Recently I've concluded that one of the biggest problems with finding happiness and peace is not the initial realization of how to perceive yourself and the world, but rather how to hold on to that enlightened perception and make it part of who you are. Personally, I've found smoking on an at least semi-continual basis keeps me very happy, accepting, and even understanding. I seem to be able to change my perceptions in the most empathetic ways. I really want to be able to keep this peaceful state by other means as well... so far my best guess, because I've only dabbled in it, is meditation. Hehe, sorry about the long post, hope someone takes the time to read it. :)

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