What is going to be your New Year's resolution?

Discussion in 'General' started by davidp0326, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. And have you kept your resolution this year?
  2. sounds a wee bit clichéd but I'm going to try stop caring about people think about me.. I'm an anxious, depressed mess and if I learned to stop giving a fuck, I might be half alright
  3. To cut down on wanking.
  4. My primary goal is to reach and surpass my peak physical fitness, but I also want to volunteer and take on more responsibility at work.

    My "resolution" for 2012 was a whimsical goal to "make big moves." I applied and was accepted for permanent Australian residency, so I'd say I made the biggest move I could. I also set out to floss every day, but alas, another failed year.
  5. smoke better chronic for 2013
  6. Achieve a high level of physical fitness and do something meaningful with my life.
  7. Gaining my confidence back
  8. Getting abs back from a bulk
  9. Read and finish a book every 2 weeks.
    This is my resolution for 2013, I'll be hitting up Chapters non-stop if I go through with this lol
  10. Get DUX in my first year of University.
  11. None. If I want to achieve something I'll try to do it at the right time not wait for a date, but that's just moi.
  12. I don't think it's such a bad idea ^

    Goal making is something people usually don't do, so to have a certain time when everyone does it can create collective motivation.

    Or maybe even just following it through so you can shove it in everyone's face :)

    (I'm not a very nice person)
  13. You might be doing it for the wrong reasons then :) also I think that timing things can put extra pressure on you.
  14. Don't get AIDS
    And try to stay alive another year
  15. Oh well, doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is about as good as doing the wrong thing for the right reasons?
  16. I'm a university student so my goals are to:

    -Talk to more girls
    -Do good in school
    -Make mula
  17. Touch a girl

    Talk to a girl
  18. Aren't you a girl Faramir? I swear you said that in another thread.
  19. Lol naw i was jokin mang

    Elephant trunk=revealed if me pants get pulled down
  20. My GOAL is to heal my BRAIN and live like the way I should or best I can.

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