What is everyone's favorite experience being stoned???

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  1. My favorite(and craziest) stoned experience has got to be when a friend and I drove to Madison, WI (I live in Minneapolis, so it's a 4 hour drive each way) and back in one day in order to go see a concert, and arrived home at 5:00 AM. We smoked bowls the entire drive, and I was stoned the whole time. It was such a surreal experience; I felt like I had dreamt it when it was all over.
  2. Getting really really high for the first time with 2 of my closest friends....i was walkin like i was on the moon and even after i realise i was walkin funny...i just laughed at myself and kept doing it....then my friend to convince me that the stuff he thought happened was real
  3. There was a weekend when i went over to my sisters apt. on the friday we smoked blunts all night and on saturday morning we went over to a friends down the street (faygos old house). We smoked a few bowls from faygo's hooka, then me and my sister smoked a blunt. Then i remeber getting in a blue van then thats it. I know i went home later that night. I can't remember much from that weekend but thats from when i just started smoking, and 3 hits got me blazed. So it was fun times. :)
  4. years ago when i first started toking, me and 3 friends went to clemson (about 150 miles away) to see a doobie bros concert. we burned e'm down all the way there, then ate 2 brownies each before we went in. we were totally toasted the whole concert. that was such a great time i still remember every detail to this day. thank god for memories.
  5. My most memorable was the first time I attended a family function stoned. It was on an Easter Sunday. We had a very large family picnic on my brother's farm in Florida. I had been smoking before I left for my brother's and also carried a filled bowl with me. During the party I took a walk in his orange field and lit up my bowl. Here I was - stoned, standing in the center of an orange grove smelling the oranges. I pulled one off the tree and slowly peeled it. I stood there in awe savoring a smell and taste I had never been aware of before. I would have to say this experience was as spiritual as it was real. God is really good to his people.

    Dennis in Florida
  6. Was HIGH in the Sierra Nevada Mts., Making love with a beautiful girl, Was soooo toasted and everything had a "glow" that I can't describe!! ;) :smoking:
  7. I went to disneyland all day, it was great, then i stayed with my man in the disneyland hotel and went at it all night. We smoked out of our wonderful homemade gravity bong that morning and then that night when we got back. The view was beautiful from the balcony. And there was this incredible jaccuzzi that was gigantic. It was fun and an expreience i'll never forget
  8. one of the best {if not the best} time i had while burnt had to be the I got oral sex from a girl I know. It was my first orgasm while high and my lord is was incrrrrrrrrredible. But then again I've only been smoknig for less than a year...i'm sure better times are sure to happen.
  9. disneyland, how fun!
    the best experience i *ever* ever had was with my friend a couple years ago, she's been a friend of mine since we were 13, so figure about 12 years now... we got smoked on the way to our community college, and it was such a beautiful day, we said ahh fuckit let's go to SANTA CRUZ!!
    first we hit this lil restaraunt and had blueberry crepes for breakfast, and off to S.C. we went, a beautiful windy road, we decided to take it slow & enjoy it.
    so we did, smoking the way down, took our lil onehitter & a joint to this lil beach w/ us... it was so early in the morning, and on a weekday, we were the only people there!

    we smoked some weed on the beach soakin in the morning sun, played in the water til our clothes were drenched, i mean we had sandfights and all(you know, where you throw clumps of wet sand at each other? lol)! went down on the rocks & checked out some tiny little tide pools, ran into some nice hippie-like couple who were fishing & collecting shells, who gave us this awesome shell.

    we spent nearly the whole day there, we had picked up some things @ a store for lunch so by the time we got home it was around 3:30, we drove the backroads all the way home & stopped @ a nat'l park to chill @ a waterfall for awhile.

    THAT was my best experience stoned! I love going out and just enjoying the beauties of this earth! One of my most spiritual experiences was trucking around Muir woods (totally sober, so that's why it's not my best stony experience) for an entire day, the redwoods are so majestic!
  10. First time I got high would have to be my best experience. Me and my friends who I still blaze with today, had some hydro and we made a bong out of a water bottle. Went into a field behind my house and just smoked away. I was so unbelievably high it felt like i was literally floating. I can still remember that night.
  11. I hadn't smoked in a week and after about the 6th bowl with this buddy of mine i couldn't pack the bowl anymore cause i was so damned faded...then we went to the kitchen where i accidentally scared him and we laughed for about 20 minutes...then i left cause i had to catch a flick with my friend it was his b-day and we went to see reisdent evil, which was scarier than hell becuase i was so blazed

    that was the best time i ever had^^
  12. my favorite time was when i had just finished fixing up my old treehouse, we sealed that shit up real good! (i bet u can see where this is going) there were 6 of us up in that ghetto rigged gem (thats right, its a gem) we had lights in it and everything, all of em green too! music playing from speakers set up all around the house, and my kong bong that i had made just for the fort. six tubes, one for each of my buds. anyway we had a QP and we smoked it all up there, (the neighbor kid even came over wondering if there was a fire or not!) it was so awesome, and we still use that thing today, i call it the green house (kinda lame but it fits)

    its gonna really suck when it falls over but by then ill have a sweet ride, im only 14
  13. I have been smoking for a while so I've had some experiences I will not describe, but one of my most memorable times I've had was last year when a friend and I decided to get on our motorcycles with some clothes and our fishing poles and went driving through our state for 4 days of nothing but smoking, riding, and fishing.
    They were telescopic poles.
    that would look funny.
  14. There's a few of my favorite memories.

    1.This girl I met was a mad smoker. She came over one night and we just sat around getting high. She was a soccer player and DAMN HOT. I was suprised she was here in my room smoking, I thought a guy like me could never possibly get a chick this fine. So anyways...we were just sitting around and all of a sudden we started kissing and the next thing you know we were having the best hot-n-sweaty sex...damn!

    2. The entire summer of 1997. I had my routine. I was getting hash oil from a buddy at work so I always had smoke. Everyday I would get home from work, smoke a couple joints and surf the net, talk to my gilrfriend (we met online) and chill. After about 9 my best friend would put his kid to bed and come over,I'd roll up a few oints and we would go bike riding all night, stopping in various locales for smoke breaks. Getting high and going for a bike ride on a cool summer night is great!

    3.The 2001 Marijuana March in Toronto. After the march was over everyone sort of gathered in Queen's Park and took over. There I was, baked out of my face and surrounded by literally thousands of people, all of them getting high. The weather was perfect, the high was great, and all the trees in the park had a very calming effect, a great day all around.

    4. Getting high with my friends on vacation. I moved to Toronto in 1998. It was my first time being out on my own, and I was all alone in this new city except for my girlfriend. All my friends and family were back home. A year later, when I got vacation from work, I flew back home for 2 weeks. My first night there we just sat at a table in my twin brothers back yard. I was very nicely floating, all my firends were there, everyone was havcing a good time and were happy to see me. Once again, prefect weather, no mosquitoes (they're a problem in Winnipeg!)...good times.

    5. Yet another day in the summer of 97. My buddy had just come by and we were getting ready for our bike ride with a pre-bike joint. We sat in my room. I picked up my bass guitar, plugged it into a distortion pedal, and then a wah pedal. After we finished the joint I zoned into my bass and spent the next 20 minutes or so playing the SWEETEST bass solo I've ever managed to play before or since. I'm pretty critical of myself in that area and don't think I'm that great of a bass player, but that night I was on the ball!

  15. my best time smoking is when my best friend joe and i delibrately get lost in central NJ (we live in south jersey).we just drive around,smoking bowl after bowl and trying to find our way home.we get so baked and listen to great tunes.when we finaly head home,we are wrecked and i can hardly walk.i love doing that.it's a regular event with us.i also like when we get to stay at my house and smoke with my mom and her boyfriend.now that i'm an adult she and i smoke together.great times.
  16. this sounds corny, but one of the best times i've ever had was getting really stoned and watching Wrestlemania. Even though i know that it is acting, I really get into it while inebriated, and the best part is practicing the moves afterwards, it's hilarious trying to pedigree someone while high off your ass.
  17. If I may add to my favorite stoned experience...

    I went to a three-day concert called the Big Wu Family Reunion in Black River Falls, WI. It was basically three days of sitting around smoking bowls. If I didn't have a bowl in my hand, there was one being passed to me. It went on like this for the whole three days. Plus the music was pretty awesome too.

    Another favorite was last week. I was in Key West, Florida for my spring break and my brother, our friend and I smoked joints on the balcony at our hotel and then walked around Duval Street (it's kinda like Bourbon Street in New Orleans ...just a crazy party all the time). We just walked around looking at all the crazy people and we stopped to listen to a guy playing a saxophone on the street. It was just really awesome. And another time on the trip we got really stoned at about noon and then I just floated in the pool all afternoon... It was one of the best vacations of my life...
  18. and might i add, duval street is awesome, i've been tehre a few times

  19. What did she where a strap on or summit ?? or was it one of those he she's ??

    Mickey.T :p
  20. One of the best times I got high was probably my 3rd or 4th time to smoke. Me and my friend were laughing so hard that we had to take a break from smoking because we couldn't manage inhaling the smoke at the same time of us laughing.

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