What is everyone in the box doing tonite?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ACole420, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Well title says it all whats the box up to on this fine saturday night?

    I was suppose to go out but I got ditched and the rest of my friends are working. So tonite its me, a half an OC 80 and about 2 grams of weed. And what ever the fuck else I feel like doing.

    So blades and bladies what yall up to tonite or I should say what yall ON tonite ;)
  2. Valium.

    Om nom nom nom.
  3. Browsing through the opiate appreciation thread and losing my faith in humanity.
  4. Working through my second Dilaudid right now. Got 10 gs sitting next to me that hasn't been touched yet, and two cans of strong beer in the fridge. Gotta work at 10am, so might as well have some fun tonight ;)
  5. Leave.

    Was planning on some OC or Opana, but it fell through today.
  6. STFU and go back to general. Nobody needs your fire and brimstone sermons here because frankly not one of us give a fuck.

    Someone with enough rep neg rep this fool. He's pissing me off.

    Now back to the OP. What's the box up to tonite.
  7. Yea bro I feel ya I got a 12 hour shift ahead of me tomorrow. Not so bad tho considering I usually get drunk at work with all the costa ricans in the kitchen.
  8. Got a 12 of beer and lots of weed.

    Rented a stupid fucking movie too, gonna be fun :devious:
  9. Everyone else pretty much summed up what I was going to say.

    I find the opiate thread a tad depressing.

    My plans include nothing. Haha.

    Watchin 'Gamer(telesync)' and 'Next Day Air(dvdr)
  10. Did you rent Starship Troopers?
  11. Suck it up and grow some balls.

    Well, I'm at work for another 19 minutes. I would normally go home to smoke a blunt and play the PS3, but I'm on day 1 of 30 (Do you guys think 30 days is a good amount of time?) of my third or fourth tolerance break. You know, it's weird. It seems the more T-breaks I take, the harder it is to bring myself to take the next one.
  12. What did you rent bud?!
  13. If no one gives a fuck why are you raging so bad?
  14. T-Breaks suck. Back in the winter I went on a 4 month T-Break to get into the Air Force and I was always good with not smoking except on the days that I got off of a long ass shidt at work.
  15. hahaha, I rented Somethings Gotta Give.

    I saw like half of it on tv once and thought it was pretty funny.

    PS anything with Jack is fine by me
  16. smoking with one of my friends for a bit then probably just heading home for the night considering i work early tomorrow morning.
  17. Fuck me,

    last cig and getting too drunk to drive.
  18. Ahhh.. well, eat a sandwich and have some fun driving!

    I found the only time I drove drunk as fuck, was the most fun driving experience in my life.

    Wouldn't do it again tho.

  19. Ok, my faith is now officially lost. Thank you pandoras box, home to the filth of the internet.
  20. Because it's fucking annoying when pussy's like you come in a preach your fucking bullshit when you damn well know it's not going to stop any of us from doing anything. So save yourself the time and leave pandoras box.


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