What is causing this?

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  1. I am at a lost. This is my third grow and I have no clue what this is.

    I am growing in RDWC using the lucas formula. I have this problem the worse in one system with one strain than the second system with a different strain that is in the same room.

    Roots are nice and white. No rot. Right now it's at about 2.3 ec and 5.75 ph. Air temp 65* and 47%, water temp 58*. They just started their fourth week of flower. Super silver haze.

    I have another set of plants, Blueberry, in the same room that are showing signs of this as well but not nearly as bad. Barely noticeable. I'm fairly new to this and have never seen this before.



  2. Too much nitrogen was available while the plant was creating those bent over leaves, it's called 'clawing'. It wasn't enough to cause nitrification, which is toxic level leaves, so it should be fine. Cut out the Nitrogen supply, or switch to nutes that don't have a ton of nitrogen, and keep flowering them. That formula that you are using, you will need to cut back on it for your next grow, it's too N heavy for what you are growing. Plant looks pretty tho :hello:
  3. I ran these same nutrients last grow with no issues. I dont understand.
  4. [quote name='"zukidude"']

    I ran these same nutrients last grow with no issues. I dont understand.[/quote]

    Are they clones? If so, what generation? Ie. Did you get the plants as clones from someone else? The further away you get from the mother, the mor susceptible to disease, etc. And they become less tolerant of changes in the environment.

    If you started from seed, are they the same strain as the previous grows?
    Different strains have different needs.

    The water temp at 58f is a factor too. I keep an aquarium heater in my main res. It fluctuates between 65 and 72

    Ummmmmm. That is about all i can think of atm.

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