what is beer, liquor like, can you control yourself?

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  1. ive heard its just pure confidence and you can control yourself, but my younger sister came home last night was drunk and was acting really annoying, being loud as fuck, drinking out of the water gallon, calling me a dumb fuck following me around, Im not gonna be an lame and snitch, so I had to throw her in her room and lock her in there before my parents woke up.(wanted to pimp slap the shit out her)

    can you control yourself?

    I know when you're high your vision is choppy, but how is it when your drunk?

    can you control how drunk you get?

    Im not up for being a rude asshole to people so do you act like yourself or do you just act completely opposite.
  2. people have different reactions to being too drunk . . .
  3. Alcohol can be a great motivator and social tool, but its also a terrible terrible drug that makes people do stupid shit and it can ruin lives.
  4. Both

    Try it For ur self or with a few buddies
    I don't drink maybe every 6 months a few shots with my friend but then I don't for a while

    U do fun shit

    Oh at NASCAR I drink every year
    Won't hurt
  5. People just tend not to care when they 're drunk. My friends pissed on a parked car infornt of my house... While people were walking right past him! I never understood that, I was always able to keep quiet and remain... mature?
  6. Lol yea
    Watch the hangover
  7. Yes, you can control yourself.

    Although I think pretty much everybody is an annoying drunk the first few times they drink.............some just never grow out of that stage.
  8. i can control myself if i'm really fucked up. it's all a matter of control actually. that's why some people act stupid as fuck when they're stoned. they don't have self-control.
  9. Depends on the person. Some people act obnoxiously stupid when they're drunk, others like to fight and act like a macho man/super bitch. I'm happy when I'm drunk, and I think I can control myself pretty well. But.. umm, yeah, drunk or not, siblings are annoying...
  10. Everyone is an annoying drunk..but some people just shouldn't drink.
  11. It all depends on the amount on the level of control, young people lightweights and first timers loose control after nothing or act like it because thats what is "cool". I don't drink because I like being in control. going light on the alch is just like smoking a very small amount, you just relax a little and feel good. Once you cross the line with drinking you really have no control
  12. Definately i can. Ive been drunk enough that if i have a fair amount of whisky i get drunk but not retarded drunk, just fun and happy. yea ill do stupid shit but not be obnoxious or annoying.

    People who don't drink often won't have a tolerance to it and they will not retain control over themselves as easily as someone who is used to it.
  13. What do you mean your vision is bad high? You mean like reflexes? Because watching planet earth or looking at cool shit at a [5] -

  14. In fine when I'm drunk. My friend who doesn't do anything, hung out with me and my other friends, and we all got drunk, and he said everyone was retarded and crazy but me. I was completely normal. Then I smoked a hell of a lot, an he said that's when I lost it haha. I'm good on alcohol. Weed, it can vary haha
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    That's why you smoke "sativa" while you drink, I remember manswers did a rendition on it. I remember I got drunk with some people, some were annoying, some were emotional like trying to connect with me but I did not connect with them cause I didn't care too; I just wanted to leave the scene. Alcohol can be fun in a external environment where being social is involved; probably why extroverts like it so much.
  16. Wait sativa wud make u trip more tho

    I think u meant indica

    Im confuzzled

  17. Fixed that for you.

  18. If you haven't done stupid stuff while drunk you just haven't drank enough, happens to the best of us
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    Indica doesn't give you head highs, that's sativa . Alcohol gives you a body buzz, sativa will make you aware of your motor skills and your surroundings. Being crossfaded is the shit though, have you tried it?
  20. alcohol makes me roudy and have a good time. i like singing and screaming with my friends, i like fighting. like fighting for a fun time, not to be a dick and start fights.
    i just like having a good time, gives me lots of energy most the time.

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