What Is A Soul?

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  1. Please enlighten me, on what exactly a "soul" is...
  2. to my knowledge your soul is your spirit, which many people believe to be the aware energy that is controlling your body.

    i believe your soul lives on and enters the divine realm once you die then you venture off and becomes one with everything waiting to endure the next conscious adventure.
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    1.) Is a spirit material/tangible?

    2.) What is awareness?
  4. The thing in my avatar that lives in all of us:cry:

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  5. Incoming a long quote from the book 'Seth Speaks' which is highly relevant to this topic:
    More coming later, gotta go watch a movie. Feel free to ask for more specific answers, as I can easily search the chapter for more.
  6. Just something people made up to be all philosophical.
  7. 1.) What are we?

    2.) How does a soul form its own identity? And what does the soul's identity consist of?
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  9. the construction of an ego desperate for self-importance and meaning above and beyond the lack it experiences in mortal life.
  10. We may have our little quarrel's in the "thunderdome", but, I'm with you on this one, man. Head On Hit.
  11. This answer won't be sufficient enough for you, I can already tell. From this book the only real answer to this question I can draw is that we are energy entities that create our personalities through consciousness. The main point given is that consciousness came first, which created everything else. Feel free to take it or leave it at that, as I wouldn't never dream of insisting I am right or wrong.
    I can only speculate, as I really don't know, and through brief searching and skimming didn't find much that satisfied this answer; One guess may be through pure emotional and creative desire. Of course then the next question is where does that come from? So on and so forth. Maybe the actual answer is out there somewhere, maybe there is no answer...Good questions though, gives me something to look for in my spare time :)
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    1.) Consciousness without memory is of no consequence... it's like being a baby, in terms of thinking and remembering things, until your death. We only have a "personal" personality due to our compiled memory, and not a "soul". Personality is something that's learned/developed, not innate or intrinsic - which a "soul" is. Our identity is something that's also learned, as a result of memory and consciousness... not the "soul'. Memory is an imperative part of "personal identity". Why do you think people who suffer from alzheimer's - forget who they "are"?

    P.S. I'm not scrutinizing you, just trying to learn more about the stance on what a "soul" truly is...:)
  13. 1.) So, what is it made of?

    2.)So, awareness is perception?
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    I like this response, bro. But, is the whole consciousness, or God, "aware" of itself?

    But, at second glance, "awareness" is perception... for how could you be "aware" without perception?
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    There's so many way I feel I could take this, I'm not really sure where to start. I want to use the example of someone with amnesia, rather than alzheimers, as I just don't understand enough about it and I'm trying to make too many assumptions.

    So we have a hypothetical person with amnesia. They don't know who they are or where they came from. This person still has the ability to function in a manner. They may still remember how to drive a car, or how to walk, eat, sleep and crap. They may remember how to speak. Beyond all this though, they still possess the inclination to exist, explore, and attempt to answer the questions that they have, and regain that which they seem to have lost. A person with a lack of identity would still possess reactionary emotions like anger, or love, or fear or happiness. These things are not limited strictly to memory. There is still an inherit identity, at least I think.

    Perhaps there isn't. Perhaps the idea of identity is non-existent, and it's just our constant search of a definition of one. Perhaps this goes in hand with purpose, and it's merely what we decide for ourselves what it is. Obviously none of this has to do with the soul, and I'm not sure what I think a soul is. I think that it's a much more complex and multi-dimensional existence and awareness than can possibly be described with language. There is something that makes us different than, say, a squirrel, and it's more than just memory.

    I believe it to be, but I don't have any materialistic proof. I may be able to deduce it through an hour or so of question and answer, until we get down to the barest of bare, but then again, we all could. I'm starting to become philosophically drained from trying to answer these difficult questions you ask so well :)
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    Ah Ha... this identity is not the "soul", but the will - the intrinsic drive/need to preserve, enhance and augment your, personal, organism and reality. Will is what runs the world, not spirit; for spirit(s) or soul(s) infers a conscious or "self-awareness", and will is unconscious, but it also can be conscious.
  17. a soul is the perpetual energy that is encased within our bodies.
  18. So, do you think there is a heaven or hell which souls will travel to after this life?
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    no imo, they travel from case to case..

    reincarnation basically. based off of your moral actions.

    those "blessed" humans who abuse their power, return as disadvantaged individuals..tyrants return as the poor for an example.

    the poor who where limited in their opportunities but still did good, and had it in them to GIVE, return gracefully.

    thats just my belief though.we are all just a piece of that "god" energy we will one day return to equilibrium.

    edit: i wanna ad that i also believe that 'heaven and hell' are just representatives of your next physical life.

    do good, your next life will be great. waste and misuse your grace, and youll be born into a disadvantaged/shitty life.
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    I respect ur opinion, dude. Imma ask u some questions about ur view, to learn more about it, if that's cool? So, if there is ressurection, the soul, not the mind, memorizeses our good & bad actions in life? And are morals universal or subjective?

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