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What is a nice way to tell my dealer that he better not short me.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by soflaballer, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Aight this is a new dealer and what is a polite way of saying it better be exactly fucking 3.5 grams?
  2. mmm say your getting it for a friend that has a scale so it better be 3.5
  3. bring a scale man. Or ask him to scale it out,

  4. This, THIS.
  5. Well said zakob
  6. I always wondered about this myself... especially when it's the kind of deal that doesn't allow the amount of time needed to scale stuff out. =\ I usualy just bite the bullet and if I feel cheated then I find a new dealer. I usualy bring it to their attention before hand though and suprisingly more often than not, they try to make up for it... I'd say about 7/10 they don't want to lose the business, especially if you buy in weight like I do.
  7. if its just your typical dealer, just casually say "hey man, do you mind if i weigh this real quick?" before you leave the car. if your dealer takes offense just say your friend is being strict about it.

    if he shorts you and youre out of his house/car when you find out about it then he is probably going to get away with it. A scale is hardly more than 20 bucks, and its definitely worth it and should be in any stoners smoking kit.
  8. just do it man dont even ask. grab the bag throw it on your scales ask him how much the clippy weighs, subtract clippy weight, this is your rough weight ( any set of scales you get for under $100 are probably crap) so just use them as a guide. if your scales say 3.4 dont shoot the dealer they may not be correct. if you show him your there for business and u will weigh every time then pay.

    weigh then pay my brother.

  9. btw, most small glad mini sadwich bags are 1.2g
    small clippies .4 - 1.g
    full size sandwich bag, 2.7
  10. Don't even say shit, just grab the sack from him and put it one your scale right there. Ask for the bag weight, subtract it, and there you go.

    If he starts being a douche, just say its for a friend so you wanna be sure. If he keeps bein a douche, then fuck him. Plenty of other people sell weed out there (who won't short you).

  11. I like that idea too,

    If the dealer is being a douchefag about it, just say alright peace im taking my cash flow some else place, Peace
  12. lol Please sir I would like some more? (said like oliver twist)

  13. LOL!, that so fits, if someone got shorted,

    Reminds me of the episode of family guy where stewie asks that, thanks lol +Rep
  14. Ask him to weigh it up dude! You shouldn't be afriad of your dealer!
  15. Yeah man, just get a scale. I'm gonna order this one online later. Its only $5.99

    Lately I think my dealer is kinda shorting me, because I notice he has other bigger bags, yet sometimes I get shorted a little. For example, sometimes I think he shorts some of the bags by .1 just to save a little. Once I get a scale, I'll bring it with me and scale it up just to make sure.
  16. im guessing you dont have your own scale, if you did you probably wouldnt need to ask your question. so just ask him to weigh it up on his scale for you. if hes a legit dealer he wont get pissy about it, he should be used to it. especially when hes dealing with new customers, as long as you dont act paranoid/sketchy about him skimping.

    just be like "yo can ya check that, just wanna make sure"

    if hes a dick about it, just say its cause you dont know each other well yet
  17. i doubt he would get pissed at you for checking it. any real dealer will relize you're smarter than most that buy from him. that will probably get you the respect of not being just another stupid pothead. if he does get pissed, chances are he's only pissed because he is trying to rip you off, and he's some douchebag kid that has to hide his selling from mommy and daddy. hopefully, your dealer is not the second, but the first, and you get respect for knowing your shit. if not, find someone that will respect you for it.
  18. Hi everyone, I already have a scale but I'm on vacation not buying another one. The friend suggestion was the best so far. I've never had problems with dealers just I suspect I got shorted last time...
  19. dude that friend suggestion was GENIOUS
  20. Pull out a scale,
    you don't have to say anything

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