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What is a "lid"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Laughing Grass, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Ok so I was watching cheech and chong and I hear chong say they smoked a whole lid and he isnt high....so i know its a slang term like zip or dub....so what is a lid? Im sure there must be some old skool tokers from the 70's that knows what that slang term is.
  2. i think its means a gram but im not sure
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    i was told a lid is a metal garbage can full of herb. but it probably isnt what it is.
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    edit: I think its a quarter, or "four fingers worth", prolly meanin they eyed it out with two fingers on each side of the bag.

  5. :hello:

  6. What year was this? I'm always interested to see if things were actually cheaper back in the day.

    As a guess, I checked inflation from 1970 until last year. In 1970, $25 would buy as much as $137.15 today, which is pretty normal for an oz of non-dank. So, if my guess on the year was any good, bud back in your day cost about the same as it does today, assuming you weren't buying dank.

    Calc done here:
    The Inflation Calculator
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    Back in the 70's they used to call an ounce a lid around my parts. Of course this was the same time they sold a nickle (which was 3.5 grams) for 5 bucks and a dime (7 grams) for 10 bucks.

    Ah...The good ol' days.
  8. damn I wish I were around in the 70's man cuz I would have been blazing like a mofo...i pay $600 a month for weed right now so if I spent that much back then I would always be high 24/7....hahaha
  9. Always wondered about that myself (just watched next movie cheech and chongs):smoke:

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