What is a Flowering Clone?

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  1. and yes lights go back to 18/6 or 24 on or whatever you prefer
    i cant see why they wouldnt root on 12/12 but you would get realy small plants with out reveging
  2. if you want any kind of yield you need to veg. no root mass equals low yield.
  3. What I want to know is a little bit more detail on how you do this.

    So you take your clones on day 21, or so. What do you do with the clone? Do you keep it on 12/12 light, or is it switched to 18/6? Do you treat it just like any other clone, veg it for a while then put it on 12/12?

    And what about successive generations? Once you create a flowering clone, do you then take clones off it on day 21 of 12/12?
  4. treat it like any other clone 18/6

    taking cuttings from a veging mother is best though
  5. the whole point to this thread is that taking a clone from a flowering plant will give you a much bushier/robust plant. treat it as you would any clone. the only way to see is to try. do a veg cut and a flowering cut. see which works better for your grow style.
  6. cuts from a flowering plant would be ideal for scrog. while a cut from a veging plant would be better for sog grows.Cuts from a flowering plant also make for a great mother with many shoots ready for cloning without toping.toping those shoots first will produce many many clones much faster than a clone taken from a veging plant which will need toped several times to produce the same amount of tops.Cool thread.[​IMG]
  7. The pictures below speak volumes for the clones. I've been using them for a long time now and well, I just cant see another way of getting this much out of a plant. Give it a try and see for yourself. Have fun and stay safe, greenmonster714

    If ya' don't mind me askin'?
    What is the "Flower to Waste (Leaves & Stems) ratio"?

    "Gram to light hour ratio"?

    "Timetable light hours from Clone to Cut flowers"

    Do you belive this method will out yeild a true SOG?
  8. Great Thread, Great info. Cant wait to try it.

    I think u and dude just had a miscommunicaiton from the get go, and ur probably both cool guys and experienced growers.

    Ill let u know when my ladies are ready to try this thanks again for the info
  9. To follow up:

    I tried my own cutting from a flowering plant. It took 19 days for the roots to show through the rockwool, and by the time it did the plant was looking pretty week and puny.

    I'll wait and see how it recovers, but right now this doesn't seem like a great thing. I think I'd rather have a more vigorous cutting that roots faster.
  10. greenmonster's buds are looking nice, ill go with him =)
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  12. Good job on posting on an old ass thread. Very imformative though , never thought you could take clones from a flowering plant.
  13. I do it alot,,, it does take longer but the way I do it is of no consequence to me... nice find on that old post even if your intentions were different.
  14. Wow, that seems like such a long time ago.

    That plant was harvested in the beginning of March and yielded almost exactly two ounces. I was pretty happy with that result, but I'm not going to make taking clones from flowering plants a normal part of my growing. I think it's useful to know it can be done, but for myself I'd rather clone plants that are still vegging.
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    Nice to find an old thread that contains good info

  16. hey greenmonster, thanks for the post. i have a simple question. i just want you to verifiy this. if i take clones from a flowering plant, can i put the clones on this plant back to the veg. state, for a month. i like big plants myself:smoking: thank you for yourtime i have been growing for a while but can always learn something new. the shankster

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  18. after taking the flowering clone, do you change it to the 18-24 light cycle or do you keep it in the 12?
  19. I have a question about the flowering clones. Do you put the clone back into the 18-24 cycle or leave it in the 12? :)
  20. depends if you want to reveg it for more vegetation with possible stress related issues, or just flower it for quick yield

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