What is a Flowering Clone?

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  1. What is a Flowering Clone?

    This question arises just about everytime I mention the wonderful advantages of the Flowering clone. So, to answer a few questions that get asked frequently. I see a need for this post. A long while back a man named feral introduced us to a new way of taking clones that has taken away the need to top plants or try the fimming technique. Not only do they root well. They also will blow you away with how fast they develop branches.

    What is a flowering clone?
    Simply put, it is a clone taken at or around 21 days flowering or later. Day 21 seems to be the best time but clones can be taken at any point thereafter and you will get the same effect. Keep in mind. This isnt written in stone. I dont have facts for you but I do have experience with these litte giants. I just want to share something that may increase a yeild for someone out there. Keeping the numbers of plants down is a good idea for alot of growers out there. Medical growers often will have limits. If your out there and you have a medical card. It cant be stressed enough that you follow the guidelines. You guys are the bright future for mj reform in many countries. I can only envy you at the moment but one of these days I hope to be able to grow without so much fear. Okay, that said...lol. I knew I shouldnt have eaten those cookies before starting to write today...lol. I have taken clones just prior to harvest and had no problem rooting them. There are many myths out there concerning a flowering clones ability to root. As in many myths the clones get a bad rap. The truth is, a flowering clone is a fully mature plant. It is ready and willing to root quickly to continue its flowering process. The cambium layer is mature at this point making the formation of roots easier. The cambium layer is a celluar layer just below the bark from where the roots come from. So, truth is. They will and do root well.

    Why use a flowering clone?
    This is a simple question to answer. Just take a look at the attatched pictures. The branching power of the flowering clone is unbelievable compaired to any other clone I've dealt with. In fact, one usually has to prune some of these branches before flowering starts to direct energy into the larger cola's. I guess the proper question here is why one wouldnt use a flowering clone? I have seen products out there that boast that they stimulate branching. Lol.... why spend money on that when massive branching is simply a few clips away? Let me give you an example. I am currently growing a scrog with a single plant on each side. The screens are 3'x3'. I have 112 holes to be filled in each screen. Out of the 224 holes only 24 do not have a budsite in them. I counted the budsites on one half of one screen and came up with 62 so far and Im only 23 days into flowering so far. I've done seed grows in this fashion and never come up with the amount of sites I get with flowering clones. Another great application for the flowering clone is growing outdoors. I gave thirty of these little jewels to an outdoor cultivator a few years back. All the plants stayed low and got super bushy. To avoid detection a small profile plant is ideal for outdoor cultivators. Try this method once and I imagine you will never take a vegging clone again.

    What is the best method to grow these clones?
    I prefer a Scrog (screen of green) but alot of people out there use them for the natural way of growing. These clones are just plain old effective no mater which way you grow. They can even be used in the SOG (sea of green) method. Flowering clones in this application will grow straight up and form a nice large cola about 14-18 inches long if started into flowering at less than 6inches. Hydro bubblers, ebb n flo, turbotank, coco or soil these babies rock.

    How do I take a Flowering Clone?
    Just as you would any other clone. No special handling is needed here. Treat the clones as you would any other. Cut, scrap, dip and then into the medium. Is this your first time taking cloning? Have no fear. Just jump in there and clip away at them. Take a few more clones than you expect to use. This way if a few fail, you will have enough to get started. There are numerous guides and how to threads at this site to help you with the details (use the search tool to find what you need). I often times see new gardeners that are apprehensive about taking clones but these fears are quickly taken away with a little hands on experience. You have to find a system that works for you and stick with it. Remember the old saying, if it aint broke dont fix it. Well, that applies in cloning. Once you find what works for you stay with it.

    How long do they take to root?
    These clones usually are a little slower to regenerate but not to bad. I average about 14days till I start to see roots coming out the bottom of the rockwool cubes. That time will vary a little it seems with different strains. Some of them take forever and some root quickly. The clones should stay perky and upright. A small flo right above the humidity dome is all they need for light. Remove the humidity dome at least once a day to allow some fresh air inside. Do not walk off and forget about it. They will die quickly if left in the open air to long without a root system to support them. If the plants begin to wilt while the hood is off. This tells you that they have not formed roots yet. They still rely on the humidity to support their needs. Also, keep an eye out for new growth forming. Once it starts to emerge you have roots forming and the plant is responding well to its environment. Once I see roots starting to poke out the bottom I remove the paper and sink them into whatever medium I'm using. I normally will not wait for many roots to show. Once they show a few roots they can be transfered.The mature clone will start to throw out unserated leaves at first and it kinda looks a little odd. Not to worry though. Right behind the unserated leaves will emerge the normal leaf sets. Once they start to come around you will see the branching ability of these clones. Sometimes its best to at least tie down some main branches to promote a wider plant. Multiple cola's will form from these tie downs. A week prior to flowering a pruning session happens and once more at the two week period of flowering. You have to remember to leave yourself a few nice clones to be taken in the third week.

    What mixture of nutrients do I use for these clones?
    This may be a debateable item but this is what I do. I use a one gallon milk jug and keep it just for clones. I let the chlorine burn off first. Then add a capful of bloom, capful of B1 complex, capful of h2o2 and one half teaspoon of Dark Energy. I then soak the rockwool cubes in the solution overnite and then select my clones when the lamps come on in the morning. Since I've started using this mixture I have had minimal yellowing in the clones and the sucesss rate has been better.

    Warmth is Key!
    Important to remember that a little warmth for the new cuttings helps them along. I place my small container on top of a towel that rests upon a normal household heating pad on the low setting. This extra warmth not only keeps the new cuttings warm and cozy. It also makes the dome sweat keeping it damp constantly. I always add a small amount of mixture mentioned above to the rocks below. Then its time to sit back and wait. Dont ya hate that part? lol.

    Will these clones improve my yeild?
    Lol.... compaired to topping and fimming yes this will improve your harvest and make it happen faster. I truely do not think Im going out on a limb here (lol). When I say they will improve your grows I can say from experience that if done correctly it will without a doubt. When you top a plant everything stops. With a flowering clone that never happens. Never a slowdown. Its full tilt boogie from the time they start to regenerate till harvest time.

    The pictures below speak volumes for the clones. I've been using them for a long time now and well, I just cant see another way of getting this much out of a plant. Give it a try and see for yourself. Have fun and stay safe, greenmonster714

    Team NaturesHigh Rocks

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  2. this is also the reason y u shudnt use a plant to take clones from thats been in flower if u want to grow in a sog or any style where a single large cola is wanted.

  3. I dont understand where you have recieved your information. Experience or hear say? A flowering clone will perform wonderfully in Scrog or Sog applications equally. I have tried them both ways. Heres a pic of a single plant grown in a small tub. The flowering clone was 4 inches tall when put into flowering much like one would when growing sog method.

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  4. from the experance of having to keep trimming off side branches to stop my sogs crouding themselves out. yeald was down by about 25% on that grow.

    now i am not saying that a plant that has showen sex like this cant b soged all i am saying is if u intend to sog or u want to grow a donkey dick then a plant that has been alterd to grow bushy or lots of tops is not the best choice. just like u wudnt top plants for sog.

    now im not tryin to knock ur thread, i think its a crackin peace of work. iv been taking clones from flowering seed plants for ages now since i found this out by accident and if a bushy plant is what u want then this is a good way, but i have found them harder to clone and in some cases yeald has been down compared to topped unflowerd plants, sometimes its been up tho so i put this down to strain more than anything else. veg time for me so far has allways been less tho so i find this makes up for the slighty smaller yeald when it does happen. i have had plants so bushey from doin this that they have crowed themselves out and i have had to trim whole branches off to stop the streach, annoying when u gotta do it in flowering.

    i do think this method has a big place in growing but its not the best thing to do with every plant grown in every style. at the moment i have a plant taken from a flowering plant and at every node its splitting into 2 more branches, this is happening about every 1/4inch. this was my fave plant that iv been growing since last year, i had a few probs and had to go get some cuts off a plant that i had given away cus i lost my (unflowerd) mother, the plant i took the cuts from had only been in 12/12 for 9 days. im now spending my days hacking the crap outta these cuts in the hope it will carm down otherwise its back to the seeds for me, even cuts taken from these plants branch at every node. i really dont want to grow just popcorn so if i dont get it back the way it was then that plant is gone forever.
  5. Well Wyld1, I dont know what to say. I guess if thats what works for you dont change a thing aye? I've found a different route to take along with many other very sucsessful indoor gardeners. That is what I was trying to share here. I wonder how you would have reacted if I had posted a response such as yours in a thread like this that you posted? Hmmm food for thought aye? You got some links to these sog grows of yours? Id like to see them? Id like to understand more of what your talking about with your plants. gm714
  6. well greenmonkey 1st of all id spell there name right, 2nd id think about what was posted and not just dismiss it cus it wasnt what i wanted to hear. and no i dont do grow diarys as quite frankly im a busy man and have better things to do with my time.

    i did say i wasnt tryin to knock u or ur thread but u seem to have taken my comments as a personal insult even tho u asked for them. im sorry u feel like that but at the end of the day a spades a spade.
  7. I forget an e and you react like that? Class act you are. Just as I suspected. You can run your mouth but cant prove a thing. Put up or shut up. The more I hear from you. The more I see your inexperience. Now I have to overlook your childish greenmonkey remarks. What else ya got in store for me? Perhaps you should come down off your high horse. Your way is not the only way and YES you did knock my post and I dont give a damn if your sorry. To late for that. Go away from this thread. Your presence is not needed here. Nor is what little experetise you have. Your writings are confusing and dont make sense. Go pollute someone elses work. That all said, you have a nice day and please review the above material. It may come in handy for you someday. lol. gm714

  8. it is the2nd time u spelt my name wrong, and react like what? u asked...

    so i told u. then u said...

    is that a dig at me?

    this made me laugh...

    now unless im wrong this is a growing forum where people who grow come to exchange ideas and learn, well i do grow, i have grown for quite a long time and i do know a thing or to but i dont proclaim to know it all. i stated facts as i have found them from my expreance and just becuse i chouse not to leave proof of this on the internet u basicly call me a liar. i think if u read the rules of this site i think ur'll find that isnt on old chap and i think its u that shud b saying sorry. personaly i havent said sorry becuse i have nothing to b sorry about, im not the 1 out of order.

    yeah childish, but i also thought it was fuuny and it was ment as a joke, if u cant take a joke then i'll remember that next time i post in a thread u have started or remarking to a comment u have made.

    i do beleave u was the 1st one to take the defencive stance when u took umbrage to my first post in this thread.

    i have never said my way is the only way, i only remarked that the bushyest of plants is not allways the best for the job. and it isnt me thats going round this site tellling every1 to scrog with flowering clones. whos way is that?? and b4 u comment on that i do happen to think it is a good way to grow as i have stated a few times on this forum. but i also happen to think it isnt the way every1 shud or wants to grow.

    i'll post where i dam well please and quite frankly if ur scared of defending ur posts agenst questions or comments it says more about u and ur attitude than anything else u have posted. and as far as how much experetise i have i think even the most novice of growers and expert alike can see that a bushey plant is not allways the best plant.

    thats just laffable

    is that that u call it when some1 dont kiss ur arse or dont think just the way u do?

    i can see that ur basicly trying to belittle me and make me look stupid so as to make urself seem better than you are. i really think that is very sad. u must b a very lonely man and u have my pitty. mayb 1 day u will learn to take criticism without throwing ur dummy out the pram, and when that day comes i hope we are still posting on the same forums as it wud b interesting to have a grown up chat with u about growing rather than a slanging match.

    after all that is said and lissening to u boast how good u grow u still dont get the same gram per watts as some1 like krusty and his freedom buckets does so dont think ur way is the best way as it isnt, its just another way, a good way if u want to dabble as a hobby yes but still just another way to grow a weed.

    as it happens u have put a right downer on my day, i like this site cus its freandly and didnt have the same kinda shit goin on like og has sufferd from. i shud of known it was to good to last. thanx a bunch.
  9. Lol....you spent all that time breaking down that post when you should have just dropped it. Damn fool! Your postings are gibberish. Like I said before. They make little sense. Im sure you do have growing experience but with an attitude like your it will never evolve into something better. Just stay the same. So, stay in your old pot buddy and get rootbound. Myself and others will move on. Your opinions are noted. I guess what I was trying to say in the begining of all this is that I wouldnt have posted some shit like that in your thread but I guess theres assholes like that all over just like you. I dont care about site rules mister. You dont come into someones thread and say no no no......it dont work like that. It works like this. I have many years of growing experience and this method comes from a grower with over 40 years of experience. Im sure you've got that beat though. People like you always seem to. Im done with you. I will no longer post a reply to your bullshit now matter what you post after this. So load up the crap and throw it at me. Here's your chance. I am a member of many boards and a moderator at one. I meet many growers and YOU take the cake. I've got better things to do with my time than argue a onesided point with you. I see there is no end to this. So, I will back out. Heres your chance once again to break down this post as well..lol. Idiot! Yeah, I called you an idiot...lol. Have a lousy day and be sure and report this to a moderator. :smoking: greenmonster714
  10. well, thx for the info, just 1 thing, does it matter if i take from the bottom brances of the plant or does it have to be the top?

    the clones i got growing right now, are from a plant that was blooming, the root did take some time to form, like 2 weeks, but damn, they grow after that.

    i havent pruned them thou, guess i should do that now then.

    no pix, as theyr in the dark half now.
  11. tut tut temper temper.
    i broke that last thread down to try and show u i wasnt knockin u just pointin something out but by the end of it i realised just how out of order u was, wish i hadnt botherd now as theres just no talkin to some people as u have proved with this post.
  12. doesnt really matter but remember the best cuts will make the best plants. woody stems aint as good as young shoots tho.

  13. Well hell, we finally agree on something. lmao. Soft young shoots are the best. I agree. gm714
  14. So monster,

    I should take the cuttings from the bottom of the flowering plant right?

    How many sets of leaves should the cutting have and how many should be removed? How long should they be?
  15. nice thread monster. dont worry bout those damn brits anyways. my buddy took his clones during flowering in haste before he harvested and stumbled on to this phenomenon acciddently. they are going absolutely nuts under 1000watts of hps. its amazing. i have the runt from that batch in my box and it is definitely a mutant. do you have to keep taking them during flowering or will this trait continue in future generations if you clone in veg?? he just took clones from these plants during the veg bout 6 days ago. should they react the same way or like regular veg clones??
  16. gm is long gone and will more than likely never be back. i believe that taking clones beyond day 21 of flower is what gm suggested not to do...
  17. hey don't tar us all with the same brush lol - u got ur fair share of plonkers too :rolleyes:
    Anyone who disects a post into multiple quotes & makes smart replies to a helpfull thread is a fool imo & doesn't belong on a public forum. Never mind......

    the guy is right - clone in flower, but before pistils start to show imo.
    i take the lower branches that haven't shown sex yet.
    they will get trimmed off later anyway so make good use of them ;)
    any cuts from topping should go into root riot cubes - they make ace plants :)

    the further into flower they are, the longer they will take to veg - patience ;)
    best thing about clones taken in flower is u can switch 1212 anytime & they will flower immediately :D

    they def are good in sog as they should all be same size & flower at same time.
    Is best if all the clones came from a single mother, or were from an original single clone, to ensure u only have 1 phenotype in ur room - that way the growth & nute tolerance of each plant will be the same = no runts or burnt plants ;)
  18. interesting thread ,one point i would like to raise for anyone wanting to do this is ,to be very careful of mould on the old growth, and pluck off the old bits as they wither and die,the mould seems to thrive on the glandular tricomes
    one more negative sorry is that the cutting area ,now the new trunk of your tree tends to be a bit woody and if you grow very big buds like the size of coke cans ,like me ,this will be where it tends to snap giving more potential disease sites .if you tie up or train the branches this wont be an issue
    keep on growin:cool:
  19. yes thanks for the info, have a couple of questions for you.lights? do they go back to nthe veg schedule for the new clones,and is there any degrigation in quality do to the stress of returning to the veg light schedule. i have taken some clones from a flowering plant once.it was about 3-4 weeks into flowering. no problem with it, was actually my first attempt in cloning.didnt grow them out was just practice for me.

  20. There shouldnt be any degradation of quality regarding light cycles

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