what is a bowl?

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  1. im from UK and i dont get what people from USA mean when they talk about bowls?
  2. The bowl is where you pack the weed if you are using a peice.
    HOLY SHIT what a trip.... I just googled "packed bowl" for an example, I found my fucking picture lmao
    Still have that pipe too.
    Yeah that's a bowl, where the weed is.
  3. It means something I broke just an hour ago :'( rip first bowl ever </3

    You will be missed. 
    I actually thought bowl meant pipe while writing this. Oh well, rip pipe with perfect bowl in it. 
    Dude that pic is loading like a porn image from the 90's on my screen
  5. idk it's old as hell i don't remember when I posted it.
    That's unfortunate :( but now you can buy a new pipe!
    Also yeah most people refer to spoon pipes like the one I posted as bowls but I didn't know if the poster was referring to like a bong or what so I went like really specific.
    lmao.. same here.
    the one you quoted and the one he posted are having a race.
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    A bowl is one of the only things that won't disappoint in life :laughing:
  9. oh right thanks, so do you guys pass bowls round more often than joints?
  10. Unless its a spoon and youre used to bongs.

    Then it will dissapoint hard
    It's a preference thing but I would say that smoking and passing bowls around is a lot more common over here. I know in my group we usually just pack bowls and pass them around, not often rolling joints. When we do smoke joints we usually roll one for each of us.
    Also a lot of times there will be multiple pieces and a pile of weed so people can just pack one up and go if someone is smoking one already.
  12. thanks.. another question.. do u put tobacco in your joints?
    Some people do, but it's very uncommon. If I had to make a rough estimate I would say like 95% of joints are pure weed here. I don't often meet people that do smoke spliffs, however when they do it's usually just on occasion.
  14. Some do, most don't. I'd say that's more of a UK thing seeing as the only time I've ever done that is with a guy from the UK.

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  15. wow, 95% off joints DO have tobacco in over here! have tried blunts but its always ridiculously harsh on the throat.. are we just wimpy or is ur weed smoother?
    I believe it's just a cultural thing. I have some Lebanese friends and when they go over to Lebanon to visit, all they smoke over there is tobacco with hash rolled into cigarettes. From what I hear from some people, is they like to roll tobacco and cannabis together to save bud. I think that makes sense too because from what I have read and heard joints are the main method of smoking over there, so it could take a good solid gram of weed to roll the kind of cones you see people smoke over there. Joints around here are often split up between many people, or saved for occasion. A lot of people smoke less at a time with bowls.
  17. ohhh right, thanks this is v educational! joints r the main smoking method here, and yea the tobacco makes it way more economical. i like to have my joints to myself too so i would be way too far gone if i didnt mix it lol
  18. I think most people in america don't use tobacco with joints but I know a few people who always light a CIG after the fact. I personally don't smoke tobacco and my perfered method of smoking is a bong the bowl would be the part of the bong u fill with weed

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