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what is a bong?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. i seem to have forgotten.

    (bullshit thread mainly for fucking around :D)
  2. I like fucking around ;)
  3. i wish i could fuck around.

    i found some gum..its big red...mmm..big red and a marlboro light....yay!
  4. yea same here...especially when im drunk:)
  5. oh....i thought you found big red too..i was gonna say....neat...but then i realized that you didnt, and now im pissed....fuck you in the back door, not the ass, but the back door of the house, with a flaming chainsaw, embroidered with beer, doused in stitching, and dripping dirt surrounded by the darkest of white pillows, unfurling my powerful daytime soap opera, while being attacked by the humongously minute particles of anthrax swirling about my nostrils, as they flame green smoke, enchanting all horny fireflys for inches around, by tearing my shirt off with pickle tongs, i strike fear into the hearts of none, for my rippling muscles show nothing but the flab of depression, and my ecstatic personality is shrouded by my habitual nonsensical ramblings, as everyone reads this, dont remember to forget what i just didnt say. cuz i didnt say this to you, but to the person that didnt read it, for they were the ones who need to know all of these things.

    EDIT: i aint mad atcha.
  6. *hides under covers*
  7. *yanks back covers*


    *throws covers back over you*

    *runs away*

    *gets pickle tongs*

    *beats shag carpet in hallway*

    *runs back into kitchen*

    *pees in sink*

    *goes to bed*
  8. i drew this...print it and hang it on your fucking fridge

    Attached Files:

  9. now we find out what really happened ;)


    ps..i looked and read that like 40 times trying to figure out when in the fuck i said all THAT....lmmfao..good one..ya got me
  11. That's right, i'm hard core I got you. i'm the best there ever was and ever will be . Oh yeah and Namron we all know you like dicks in your butt everyday but you're too scared to admit you like it ;)
  12. getcha freak on
    getcha freak on
    geatcha freak on
    gechat freak on
    geathc freka no

    is this a bong?

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    • log.jpg
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      24.2 KB
  13. I'd say no, but whut do i know.... what do i really know....

    NOTHING, because i'm mad burntout, i'm not high at the moment or anything i'm just always mad burntout.
  14. that would be one hell of a bong.
  15. i think we could pull it off....oh, who was it that wanted to make the bong out of their fishtank...? i think i wanna make a bong outta your head tooooooo

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