what is a blade?

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  1. yea, you can tell i'm new...lol but why does everyone call each other blade and what is the meaning/reasoning behind it?
    thanks in advance:smoking:
  2. GRASS city. We're all BLADES in the GRASS city.
  3. Blades of grass... Get it
  4. Daywalkers. Half vampire half human.
  5. oooh so i'm a fan blade, which is a part of a lawn mower, whichs mows the grass... ummm.... CITY... blades... hmmmm.... makes sense

  6. You got it Chief.
  7. Im a blade hes a blade were all blades BLADES UNITE!
  8. Something I keep on me when I'm in bad parts of town.

  9. You keep us on you when you go into bad parts of town :eek:
  10. blade power!
  11. I see this same exact thread every 2 weeks. But yeah its like this is the Grasscity and we are the Blades
  12. Yeah i do
    That sounds sexy

  13. Not if your carrying around the trolls.
  14. Blades... UNITE!
  15. Dayman! Fighter of the nightman
    hes a master of karate
    and friendship for everyone
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    They call me superman.

    I'm not too keen on the BLADE thing, it's alright though i guess.
  17. Here's what a few blades look like, different sizes.

  18. Blades are people who use search engines
  19. Blade is the guy from the movie Blade, and he kills vampires.

    Oh wait..

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