What in the World Are They Spraying?

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te_FOsKL_5Q]YouTube - "What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer[/ame]

    What do you think of your government secretively spending your money with the intent of reversing global warming in this damaging, horrible way? Discuss.
  2. we should put the govt in charge of healthcare, what could possibly go wrong?
  3. I think it is very tragic and disappointing.

  4. It's a form of population control just like they do with the tap water. You should head over to the abortion topic and look at what the liberals are saying if you really want to see what government controlled healthcare really means for society. I am kinda of amazed how cold hearted some liberals are because they talk about about killing retarded and other disabled people like its no different than throwing out the trash. Government controlled healthcare means killing off the elderly because they no longer can provide for society or themselves one guy over there in the abortion topic even called human babies nothing but parasites. It's cruel times that we live in.

    These chem trails are the least of our concerns if you really want to be freaked out just go read what the government is putting in everyday tap water for the population to drink. Also dont think you can drink bottled water to get away from the chemicals because most bottled water is simple tap water and the real spring water has the chemicals added to it when bottled. Liberalism is great isn't it all hail the we know whats best for you government.
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    I've been hearing about 'Chemtrails' for a while now, mostly from paranoid conspiracy theorists, and what's consistent is a lack of evidence. The only real damning evidence in that video, were the words from the 'geo-engineers' mouth, and in reality, there's a ton of scientists who say a ton of whacky shit all the time.

    Also, what's with the subliminal message at around 9:06?

    Edit: Don't get me wrong, if there's sufficient evidence, I have no problem believing something, as long as everything 'fits'.

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  7. @Dickie4:20 nope m8 its not you can go look up the info for yourself. The chemicals being put in the water is highly toxic to humans. Whats next you going to say that water being wet is conspiracy too ?
  8. thats why they talk about it on the history channel
  9. I never saw any 'chemtrails' when I was in europe. Hell, I never even saw anything in the sky for that matter....
  10. The history channel also talks about the world ending in 2012 and the shocking accuracy of Nostradamus, so... Yeah, I'm gonna have to say they're probably just going for the ratings. Weird, huh?
  11. yea they talk about the Mayan calendar and all that bullshit...theyre just informing you of the "theories" that are out there.

    This phenomenon I find more believable than saying the world is gonna end in 2 and a half years because some ancient civilization wrote it down for it to be misinterpreted.

    If you have never seen these trails for yourself then you must be walking around with your eyes closed...or online all day.
  12. I mean, surely most of these 'trails' in the air are simply the 'contrails' of normal passenger jets, correct?

    Contrail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  13. Most of the time, I see jetlines passing by, leaving a trail but not that noticeable because it decease within less then a half mile for couple seconds. However, certain ones which is chemical trails, leaves over hundred of miles across the sky and stays for an hour or two. That is really odd, don't you think? :wave:
  14. contrails - made by normal jets...last a few minutes
    chemtrails - last hours sometimes all day and if they spay in patterns they will "spread out" and become almost cloudlike.
  15. Damn you for making me do research!


    The 'Background' section on page 2 is what you want to check out. Apparently the duration of contrails is highly dependent on the relative humidity and can make the difference between ones that last minutes or, as you say, 'spread out and become almost cloudlike'.

    The government does a lot of fucked up shit, but I do not believe blanketing us with chemicals is one of them.

  16. And why wouldnt they ? As I said before look at the chemicals they put in the tap water and tell me spraying people with chemicals is a line they wont cross.

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