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what im smoking on right now (pics) Purple Skittles,GDP,Master Kush

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GDPlover, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. "Extreme Envy"

    The name purple skittles makes me salivate and the thought of getting stoned on something called purple skittles is badass..
  2. yea it actually does taste like a purple skittle
  3. Beautiful pot, man.
  4. im down to smoke out some fellow GC heads anyone here from Temecula or Murrieta?
  5. I am now. :)
  6. nice budsss it would be sick of there was a strain for every color skittle and if you hit a blunt with all the flavors! taste the rainbow
  7. haha you wish, but really though your from temecula?
  8. No not even close. I'm all the way in TN. But I can pack my things tonight and be over there in a day. haha

  9. hahahahahahahaa
  10. You californians and your bud. :cry:

  11. yea i love it, and i know we are really lucky to have so much access to so many good strains
  12. im in northridge where can i find some purple skittles???????????
  13. WOW. Those are some nice buds.

    I wish I was your friend.
  14. are you a medical patient? i picked it up from a club in van nuys
  16. ive got some mk plants in flower now, +rep on those nugs

  17. I'm not from down there, but my father, grandma and grandpa are all buried in a cemetary in Murrieta. I'm in Bak0.:wave:
  18. haha possibly nncc,mmi,twc? love all them clubs in van nuys. :bongin:

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