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What Im Smoking, Hang Out, Ask Questions, Chill

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kush&sluts, Jun 14, 2013.

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    I know this isn't really the forum for this, but oh well, we'll manage. Had a pretty good day, had some extra cash so I bought a bit over an eighth, and decided to just toke, chill, watch King of the Hill, and hang out with GC.
    What I'm posting is just over an eighth, plus a few things I found in my stash box I thought I'd share with you. What are you smoking tonight GC? Something on your mind? Got a question? Come in and hang out, let's talk. 


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  2. im sober til i find a job, but its all good. im sunburned from tennis and swimming, though, that sucks. just kicking back and listening to jefferson airplane until i wonder off to bed. 
  3. Sorry to hear that the US is still doing piss testing for jobs..
  4. I just got off work, what popping guys?
  5. Smos, I need a few joints. Email me some?  :laughing:
  6. I'll send them in high def man!
  7. fatty dabz to the dome, this next one is for all you without bud[​IMG]
    and of course you cant forget the greens, og kush :smoking: :smoking: [​IMG]
  8. Aww thanks man, that's just what I need.
  9. Promise me you'll smoke enough for both of us?
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  11. Smos roll that good up and show us a picture of them bad boys. Also, King of the Hill, you must be watching Adult Swim? =p
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    Adult swim is great while smoking! I had some tincture earlier and I'm just chilling & watching Family Guy.
  13. Nope, I've got all the seasons on my computer. Sometimes it's nice to just smoke a little and surf the ol web.
  14. I know it is, especially Robot Chicken and Squidbillies.
    i love watching family guy when i smoke. family guy, some bud and some good food is always a great time. 

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