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Discussion in 'General' started by EvilFlippy, May 28, 2006.

  1. What would you do if you caught your 11 year old little brother smokeing weed?
  2. thats tough man.... opinions vary on this subject, so use my "Advice" at your own discrestion... 11 in my mind is WAY WAY WAY too young to be rolling with maryjane, you need to take his pot, smoke it and blow it in his faccce! haha, just kidding about that last part.... anyways, tell him he's still way too young, his mind is developing and at that age im sure it could cause a few problems, tell him to wait a few years, atleast till he's like 14-16.
  3. I'd toke with him, haha i need a nother tokin buddy :D
  4. I'd definitly try and convince him to wait until he's like 14.

    Although, having been a kid once... if he wants to do it, he's going to find a way to do it.
  5. tell him to give it some time. but if he REALLY likes it, he can do it like once a month with you, at least that way you know how much hes doing.
  6. That's a tough situation. Does he know if you smoke? And if so, do your parents know you smoke? I can see you telling him to quit causing him to rat you out. I don't know if it would happen, but it could. I think 11 is too young as well, but who am I to tell others what they can and cannot do.
  7. If the kid is 11, there's no doubt he's smoking because he think's it is cool. I suggest you play the parent of the situation and thoroughly explain to him the truth about smoking marijuana.
  8. What's too young? I started when I was 14. That's too young if you ask me.

    11? shit. Far too young. Your brain hasn't even fully developed major decision-making processes... they can't even adequatley comprehend the risks.
  9. I would beat him up and take his weed and/or lunch money.
  10. The decision making part of your brain (in males) doesnt fully develop until you are in your mid-20's. So saying 14 is any better isnt true. I started when I was 12, and I think thats too young. But I agree that 14 is a better age maturity-wise.
  11. id ask for a hit.
  12. I'm talking basic decision-making.

    But still, i said off the bat that 14 is too young. I do think i was too young to start smoking back then. Can't change the past though.
  13. 11 is deffinitely way to young. i'd talk to him and tell him the FACTS about marijuana and tell him he should deffinitely wait a few more years. tell him he wont get the full experience and wont enjoy it as much at this young age, and that starting this young may hurt his still developing mind... i started when i was 15. i'd say 16 would be ideal, but 15 wouldn't be that bad, even 14 if he really cant wait.
  14. slap him and tell if he does it again your gonna tell ur mom cuz 11 is WAY to young
  15. be like shit, smoke me up dude.

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