what if you lived in a lava lamp?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by UCF-Toker, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. i was baked the other night off my brand new bong and i was looking at my friends lava lamp slowly heating up and i though of this:

    your living in this nice community for days/months/years (i dont know how fast time goes by in a lava lamp) and then suddenly your planet starts heating for hits core and explodes! you dont die from the explosion but you chill in crazy space for a while and then gravity sets back in and your planet re-forms and you start building your society all over again from the beggining.

    what do you all think? woudl you want to live in a lava lamp?
  2. No itd be scary...lol...but i do want the rainforest room to smoke in...lol
  3. I awlays get you two confused with each other cause your names are so alike lol.

    But living in a lava lamp?.. fuck no... that's gotta be waaayy too hot.
  4. we HAVE to do the forest someday. make sure the king frog has a gnome hat though.

    but you'd be fine with the hotness, your not a human! i havent decided the physics of their little universe yet though... or the time... hmmmm

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