What if we are living in a simulation...

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  1. This thought came to me, what if we have already lived are real carbon-based lives many many years ago, and then humans got so far advanced into technology that they learned how to download consciousness and play it out into a computer simulation, when I get really high and I think about this, I just kind of sit there in awe because of how believable it is.

  2. there are endless of "what if" scenarios to think of
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    Interesting question, along a similar line of thought, I've had thoughts of "what if we were ant's and ant's were us..." - I just can't put my finger on what the real question is before the thought further snowballs into crazy but weirdly enough believable, I would even like to believe "viable" thoughts, provided...    what is "impossible", truly?  Is it only impossible due to our own comprehension?, if so it would mean our comprehension is limited and therefore there must be a higher understanding, comprehension, a higher reality that's outside our reach.   I'm possible.......and then... I smoke another bowl...
  4. a simulated reality is likely to be holographic in nature
    if the world is a hologram
    and the people in front of you are part of that simulation
    then who is the one that projects this hologram?
  5. Not so much a hologram, but what we call "consciousness" is being played out exactly as it was when we we're actually here. Hypothetically speaking of course lol
  6. Lol I've thought about it. It's pretty awesome to have that thought in your head.. you get overwhelmed and shit, 30 min you get over it because it seems too much out of the blue with the billion trillion (infinite) other possibilities that we could be in.

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  7. What's the difference?
  8. Whoever is controlling me sucks at this game.
  9. What if we're god pretending not to be god.
  10. Bingo.
    I believe this, that we are all one conciousness experiencing itself subjectively.
    A "holograph" and a "hologram" are entirely different things. Like apples and fireworks, that's how different they are. A holograph isn't a hologram.
  12. What if because we're at the tail end of the Big Bang we've already existed and because of light years were basically shadows that evaporate when we die and the reason we think that there's no life on other planets cause are timeline wont let us see in that perspective since we haven't developed the technology to travel the speed of light

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  13. There is much talk of ants on this forum.

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  14. I saw a documentary on a similar subject.

    It hurt my little brain.

    I think they said something like the chances of us being real is very very slim.
  15. Watch The Matrix?

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