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what if we are constantly able to change the way others see us

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by philosophizer99, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Have you ever noticed how more often than not the way you feel about yourself and how you believe others will see you often ends up coming true?

    When you go to work or school or whatever and you have constant negative self talk saying things like this is akward or I look like an idiot or I'm not worth there time and you expect people to see you in this negative way more often than not people will see you in this way.

    The same goes for when you feel like an honest confident smart funny person and your inner dialogue is painting this positive image of yourself and you believe others see you in this way people generally do see you in this way.

    What if we each have the ability to change the way others perceive us simply by changing our view of ourselves and our view of how others view us.

    I am not saying you can change the way you look or anything like that simply by changing your mindset. I'm saying you can change other peoples perception of you.

    For example. Bill is fat. Bill imagines himself bring skinny and imagines othersseeing him as skinny. Bill does this without ever working out or taking any steps to becoming skinny. In the end bill looks like a complete tool thinking he OS skinny when he is in fact fat
    This is an example of something this idea cannot change as no one has ever become skinny overnight.

    I think you all see what I'm getting at here, I would go into more detail but I'm on a phone and sick of typing this way
  2. What about it?

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