WHAT IF the whole gc community was in one country?

Discussion in 'General' started by tko13, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. If the whole gc community ended up running their own country, meaning some magical way we all came on here and they said they bought a country for gc people and only gc people to move to and live what do you think it would be like?

    I think we would be the largest exporters of marijuana, cocaine, and every drug people use to make money. for awhile a lot of us stoners in construction would work on building up houses while we chief the day away on top of a roof / inside the houses building them up. Large weed plantations everywhere, being able to pick nugs off of plants like super silver haze and orange kush just there to pick. Or my other theory is we would all be lazy as fuck and there would be fights everywhere with us setting off nuclear bombs towards every country in the world but hey either outcome would be fuckin sweet
  2. Grasscity Island

    Research it, i think you will be into it :)

  3. hey, it's burnttwaffle.
  4. For sure.

    What's up beedubs? Chill and talk to us for a second mayne
  5. im buying you guys an island remember. it would be hella peacefull and their would be free weed everywhwere. and if anyone started causing problems we would make them walk the plank
  6. Didn't we give up on the island idea because the guy to girl ratio would be like 25 to 1?

  7. ohgosh, thats awesome.
    makes me wanna give the dog a high five.
  8. Nothing would get done. xD
  9. i like those odds! har!
  10. [​IMG]

    I wouldn't care what the ratio was/is... my own island to smoke on, shit I can fly to some other country for women, or they can come to me lol

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