What if the drugs are working?

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  1. What if the drugs were working? Think about it. There is no more social movement. People are more uptight and not as welcoming as they were in the 60's. No one is trying the alternative lifestyle of "dropping out" out of it and living a free-er lifestyle. There is so much joy in just wanting to drop out of society, just go on the road, experience life, travel, do risky things. Stuff like that but my problem is with if you look in the current news about the world people in countries are overthrowing their government and saying they dont want things run that way but here theres been nothing, i dont even account for occupy wall street that did nothing. what did ceo's do? Drop mcdonalds job applications on them via plane. Thats not causing a change or allowing people to embrace peace and love and a better lifestyle resulting from that and low impact on our environment. Maybe its just because i was a very activist hippie in my past life and i smoke too much weed that brings him out of me. But why cant people be more accepting about people and how strange we can be? Or am i the only one yearning to just take off from where i live and go travel and hitch-hike not know where im sleeping or eating that day type travel to experience life no matter how much it sucks at times? its freeing being yourself and listening to psychedelic music that raises your counsciousness and shows you the wider picture of whats going on and how to resent that system and rebel and change things so no younger generations have to suffer the constant laws made against privacy? or is it the drugs are working to keep us sedated in life to just accept things?
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  2. Damn them. I wish to just travel the world with some friends and experience life. I dont see why more people arent interested in this? I kind of feel alone in this feeling. I was hoping atleast more people on this forum felt the way i feel. Damn my inner hippie.

  3. I'd join you on that journey man. It'd be a pretty fucking fun one too.
  4. I wanna go on a fuckin journey man anywhere ..
  5. I want to turn this slogan of my parents youth into a reality: "Do your own thing, wherever you have to do it and whenever you want. Drop out. Leave society as you have known it. Leave it utterly. Blow the mind of every straight person you can reach. Turn them on, if not to drugs, then to beauty, love, honesty, fun."

    It seems so much fun, where would you begin?
  6. i'd begin in india for sure haha, go and visit the place my ancestors came from
  7. Id quit my job and buy a train ticket wherever i could get to and go find the underground scene, people who would respect what your trying to do in life and want to partake on that adventure with you.
  8. The only problem is it's hard to travel without money.

    I'd love to 'drop out' and travel and experience life, the only thing is we're locked in a cycle that makes us conform.
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    Thats why people need to give way to a social movement again. Let people stay at their places and help them out the best they can just like old times. There can still be peace and love.

    edit: It's up to the individual to decide if they want these kinds of people around that can effect the change we wants, so whats your decision? Peace and Love could finally be widespread and we'd focus on ourselves as individuals and learn to make our own decisions and choose our own path.
  10. so lets go. i got no money but lets go lol
  11. I would love to meet up with some people and just drive places with a goal to see something and be a part of something. I have a car and couple hundred bucks. I dont see me getting to california by myself to see some activism and maybe participate in something life changing all alone. Who's in? lol
  12. Why can't you travel and be happy with friends without quitting your job and dropping out of society?
  13. ill travel the world with u bro HMU
  14. That's actually what I've been planning to do after this next year. Me and my buddy are going to travel to every state and camp out in national parks for a year straight, and I have lots of friend's in different state's that are willing to let us stay over for a week or two.

    I just need to finish college and save up my money then I'm off for a while!

    Even though it probably won't go as planned, it's the experience that counts. ;)
  15. I'm down. I feel like there's so much more to this world that we can't know about unless we experience it.
  16. So should we organize a club and create our own adventure? We hook up in different cities and give tours and rides and everyone tries to help each other out and share stories? That'd be fun if people could be more open and allow those of us who are searching for something more spiritual to be free to choose this path? And we can't fully commit to this if we have a job. You cant idealize this.
  17. this is exactly why i went to peru the people here make me sick
  18. How did you get to peru? And back?
  19. Peru you say? I've wanted too traverse the Andes, get at me if you want a buddy on your next trip :smoke:

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