What If Life Isnt real

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Hofmann, May 22, 2013.

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  2. Bill Hicks spoke a lot of truth. Certainly one of my favorite artists.
    Have I ever thought about this life not being real? Yeah, sure. The way we traditionally think of it, I certainly don't think it's real. We do experience it, though. The experience of it is real.
  3. True that.
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    U know, Descartes asks himself the same question... :p
    To question whether or not you exist, or, whether life is real or not, proves that if everything is not real, and that every thing is fake and fallacious, it still stands that something is real and existent... namely, ur questioning, i.e., thought.
    "...first, to begin with things that are most evident, I ask whether you yourself exist or whether perhaps you are afraid you might be mistaken in this line of questioning, since, in any event, if you did not exist you could never be mistaken...?"

  5. Nothing is real, there's nothing to get hung about.  Strawberry Fields Forever!  
    One of John's truest lyrics...and he had a lot of them!
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    He sure did "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together" is another favourite of mine.
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    It's just another dream.  I love talking about this with people . One of the biggest mistakes you can make in life to me is taking it too seriously.  I think its really sad when people take life seriously, they miss the entire point.. just as that day in your dream seemed so real, these days seem just as real to you.  Though it really is all conscious illusions. 
    It's also why we must learn two things understanding that life is a dream.  One is that you have complete control of your dream (life) and two, that anything is possible.  
  9. just continue what I was doing before and try enjoy it to the fullest.
  10. Life isn't real, every single thing in life is subjective. Our reality is based of off our senses. There are many rays of light and color that our eye cannot see so therefore it does not exist to us because no human has ever encountered these colors. There are animals that have more finely tuned eyes than ours so they can see all sorts of shit we can't so then therefore their reality is different to ours. And who's to say our reality is superior to ours. Look at blind people, they can't see anything and if there was no one there to tell them that they're blind they wouldn't know they theres stuff they can't see and that would be there reality. Metaphysics and quantum physics can explain this much better than I. Look at stuff this way, everything including us is made up of atoms. There is no such thing as human and chair atoms, they are made up of the same type of atoms, and all objects are matter condensed into a slow vibration, thats really all anything is. I don't know a whole lot about light rays and colors but if you have a blue shirt, its not actually blue, the atoms just reflect the color blue so that is what your senses pick up. So essentially the world is just empty space filled with atoms, and our senses create the world we see and know. Weird right.
  11. yes, culture, religion, politics, economics, law, the night sky, clouds and relationships are all lies we're being fed. I just dont understand how people cant for one second question that the world really is messed up, idiots you dont have to believe in the illuminati or other secret societies and that just shows how cowardice the sleepy heads are, also If you think about it and apply it to your life there really is a matrix everything feeds you information your brain processes the only way it knows, therefore people just go along with whatever comes up in their life not for one second questioning anything around them.
  12. It's true, it could be just a ride and just lies, and such.
    but if you were never able to see the truth, then how can you think that knowing the truth is valuable in any way?
    Lying may be considered bad, but being lied to (not by humans but by perception for instance) Doesn't have to be bad at all.
  13. the question "what is" is answered by what is. and therfore "what is" is the what is showing that everything that is is "what is".
    this statement is my ignostic belief and answer to questions that i have been asking and researching for a decade now, including the existence of "nothing". to explain it more in depth would take hours but if u think of all the natural world, from the core of the earth to space etc and can understand the statement then maybe it will help u find some of your own answers...
  14. He wouldn't  know anymore than you know, I don't know any more than you, know one knows anymore than me. 
  15. <sup>If only it kept dreaming :ph34r: </sup>
  16. What if we took the wrong colored pill :ph34r:
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    "Real" and "false" are concepts. We know that mind, body, inanimate objects, animate objects (among other things) are present and shared in the reality that we currently inhabit.
    The connotations we individually and collectively have of the concepts of "real" and "false" are virtually all in relation to this existence. Therefore, they cannot be appropriately ascribed to potential other existences (which is the only conclusion one can come to when confronted with the assertion that "this" (life) isn't real -- if "this" isn't real, then something else must be real; or, if nothing/everything is real, then "real" and "false" are concepts that are irrelevant to this discussion).
    Having neither seen nor heard of a grand, alternate, "the Matrix"-style existence, I'm inclined to think that the concepts are irrelevant. I'll know more when I'm dead, and I'll post about it.
  18. I wondered why I keep tripping over invisible shit
  19. "Real" is up to your own interpretation. 
  20. When I was younger my dad told me that watching porn isn't real life, and that real girls feel better than my hand. but I told him it's my life and it's good enough for me.

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