What if jesus....

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  1. was just a hippy?

    I mean...there are tons of cult leaders today that take drugs and claim themselfs as god, and plenty of idiots believe it still today. people were much more gullible back then.

    So what if jesus was just some crazy peyote or magic mushroom eating freak who spewed a bunch of garbage to everyone and just made a huge cult?

    or what if he came back already and we just labeled him as one of these cultists and punished him yet again lol

    just a thought :smoke:
  2. my theory is that he was rolling on X, he mustve had good hookups
  3. I like to picture Jesus with a devil lock, and his right arm is a gattling gun. . . his left arm is a shark.
    and instead of legs he has tank treads.

  4. I think about that kinda shit all the time. I Try talking with my friends about it, but they just think I'm crazy. I'll call 'em brainwashed sheep & there all like WTF.
  5. Jesus was a hippie, I'm pretty sure at least. The holy oil they used back in the day contained cannabis, and after Jesus was baptised with it he came out of the river jordan and saw the heavens open up and God came to him, and we know applied topically cannabis can have psychoactive effects. Then Jesus went around baptising everyone with this oil, which was typically reserved for kings and the elite etc, and then cured their blindness and 'demons' which I assume were just mental illnesses, and we know that hemp oil cures virtually every disease, so I mean, why not? Makes sense to me.
  6. exactly how i see him. i dont believe it personally...

    life sucks n its just bs to me. n im just so numb. idk i hate life.
  7. Jesus was a hippy and a shaman. He was also a poet, and a teacher. He showed the world what it meant to love.
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    It is very viable that Jesus was a real person that lived way before the times christians said, who really was just a story of a person that was passed of word of mouth. There are hundreds of gods like Dionysus who was God of whine(made water into whine and taught the world of vineyards), only greek god born of a mortal virgin, came to town on a donkey when born, and was called "god made flesh, and the savior and the light". He also died at easter time as a sacrafice, descends into hell for 3 days then rises into heaven as a sacrafice for the sins of man.

    Then there is the Indian god Krishna, who was said to be crusified on a tree with holes in his hands and feet, and his title was "Lord and savior". Born into poverty and humble settings, a king heard of a prophecy that a child would be born that would grow up to kill him so he went to killing all the new borns. The baby got away with his parents because the waters of the river a mysterically "parted". The parrallels go on and on, and most hindu priest will say that they pray to the same person as christians do. He is also called Krista because of the dialect, so they are coming from the same roots. The hindus are told to say his name over and over so that they can become closer to him, this is the same ideal of "Hallowed be thy name".

    Budha also had tons of simularities but I don't feel like naming all of them, ministry at 30, walking on water and feeding 500, so on and so fourth.

    It is very viable that the consciousness of a prophet like Jesus came at different times to many different people because that was what they were looking for. A self sacrifice that can conquer death, and sacrifice for all our sins. You see before this many people would sacrifice them to "god" in the name of paegan religions because that was what they percieved was needed. This prophet offered a way out from what they percieved before this, and it is a testiment to ideals to why it is still in effect to this day.
  9. That is all very true.

    Sometimes the universal mind told them to do things, so they did it. Each time it is symbolic and it is mother nature at work.

    Adam and eve are another example. Adam is the same as Arthor from the Nordic traditions. I believe that Adam originally came from ireland, his family line is the line of Aryan shaman.

    Out of the line coming from Ireland after the flood, they went to Norway, and then to egypt, and babylon, as well as changed things in India, where there was a different shamanistic tradition in place; the mixture became hinduism.

    Abraham, Isaak and Jacob. Were shaman, who could communicate with nature, and hear the universal mind was saying. Same with Moses, Joseph, John the Baptist, Jesus, and other geniuses down the line.

    Each of these individuals are a personification of Mother Nature, and is an example of the intelligence of Evolution.

    Jesus will never come back, because he served his purpose.

    Soon there will be a new group of people who are all at one with nature again, and we will again have a paradise on earth.
  10. I want what he's smokin
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    Think of all the parrallels that have been lost predating all of these because there are no recordings, like the romans burning the Library of Alexandria. These new people you speak of sound like Aethiests.
  12. it could be possible... that is if jesus christ ever existed.. since he didnt, he was just based on ancient pagan gods who were crucified/hung and resurrected, such as Oden

    the whole bible never happened as its depicted, every story is a rip off of ancient stories predating it hundreds and thousands of years
  13. just like every story before that...
  14. the stories the bible ripped off are origional peices that were thought up/observed and written down not based on any story before it

    its like if i rewrote moby dick, changed the name and location and used a giant shark instead, thats the bible

    you'd have to be retarded to think every story is copied from some other story, theres a point of origin.

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