what if grasscity was a real city

Discussion in 'General' started by gotexans, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. wouldnt that be badass everybody would smoke therd never be a drought
  2. Like on an island!!! GC island threads live forever!!!!!
  3. You have smoked to much haha
  4. It'll be very suspicious, cops would be roaming the streets constantly. Just saying.
  5. Thatd be gnarly! And all the Buildings n shit are made of hemp! Fuck yeah=D
  6. actually im on a t break:D
  7. It would suck, you wouldn't be able to do drugs.
  8. You could you just couldn't talk about it lol. You could talk about it privately tho.
  9. Yeah if Ur cool enough to buy ur way into the private member building:p
  10. drugs suck anyways im past that point in my life. weed and an ocassional beer is all i do now
  11. It would be packed full of dumb-ass kids...

  12. this.
  13. I could see Granny having her own religious following... maybe some hammer pants, flutes and a chanting circle. :p
  14. anybody got enough money to buy an island and make a government for it? im all for legal weed.

  15. I haven't done a beer in forever.
  16. Now it's like trollcity!!!!
  17. I'd be like Jesus curing the trolls and converting them to blades
  18. Id be the one bringin the property value down :/
  19. I'd be party of the Special Victims Unit because rape would be the only crime due to the large amount of penis

  20. There would be people like this all over the place like there is now.

    Fuck that.

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