What If A Revolution Was Sparked

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  1. Say tomorrow a broadcasting news channel was hacked, with a man saying they have 10,000 strong and are revolting against the Government(s). They then ask for your assistance in this manner.
    Would you be out there, helping, or staying in your house hoping the military kills them or locks them up for treason?
    You're welcome to chip in why you would do either. But I ask you keep it brief (3 short paragraphs maximum) to try and get a feeling for where people stand on the issue in a black and white sense. All without cluttering up the thread.
    I hear people talking (even people that I know don't know a lot regarding politics/economics) in relation to how there's so much corruption and everything they hear is lies. What I want to know is, are people willing to put their money where their mouth is?

  3. Haha you might want to edit your post, you included your reply in my quote.
  4. What are they fighting for? And why do I care?
    otherwise fuck off.
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    If the 100,000 people who thumbs-upped the zeitgeist movement on youtube all worked together, we might have something here.
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    only if they want to legalize weed nationwide. 
  7. Why is the revolution happening...?
  8. umm.. we can try but they have access to bio chemical warfare, tanks, artillery, chemicals and armored vehicles, so wouldn't really see how that works.
    Yes, I would put my life on the line, fuck it why not?
  9. Revolution= Going in circles is not the answer. We need a transition from this old stagnant monetary system to a new system that works for all the people. Education and sharing that education is whats important  in achieving a logical society
  10. It depends what their motives are, if it's mindless revolting then no I wouldn't.  However I'm going to England in a month to try and start a psychedelic revolution so if you see things change up there within the next couple of years you'll know I was succesfull :p
  11. Ok ok, you all need a reason to do it. What then would be your reasons if the above scenario were to happen that would make you join them?
    If they censored everything on the internet and I couldn't post here anymore.
  13. Not if it's violent. Too many people would be mercilessly slaughtered for it to be worth it. We'd end up with a civil war between those of us who believe in what America is supposed to stand for and the blind sheep who only believe in "patriotism." The blind sheep, unfortunately the majority now thanks to our shitty indoctrination system aka the Department of Education, are allowed to have much better guns than us. Plus, you can't at all rely on people to desert because just look at how quickly the police take up abusing or even killing their fellow citizens for labels and the sake of authority. The young men in our military are much more well trained and holding much more efficient weapons. They already have no qualms with the outrageous civilian casualty rate in the Middle East and if they can have such a mindless disregard for the lives of those people, why would they act any different towards people labelled as terrorists at home? I don't want to see my neighbor's houses bombed. It's not worth your silly words.
  14. A revolution cant be violent. That would make it a rebellion, no? Maybe im thinking of two other words.
    How is revolution going in circles? What, do you think we're going to just reform our way into a better society?
  16. I think I'd stay out of it. I have people that I have to care for, if I go out and get myself killed,what will happen to my mom and younger brother? They'd probably end up dead too. No thanks. I'll stay here and protect them.
    Its more like deal with the monster that lets these cooperation's form into monopolies.
    The government. 
    If you don't stand up for what you believe in, you will lose everything anyways.
  20. Violence is never the answer. The times are going to test the human race as a whole with its segregation tactics. Dont let race,religion,or money stand in the way of unity

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