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  1. Its really bothering me.

    And its rather simple.

    I dont want to be here.

    I want to be in the boonies.

    I love it there.

    My uncle, Hes fairley wealthy, My ma's brother. He hates my pops, Me n my bro's. Knows we all born n raised southwest detroiters and judges us upon it, Never helps us out. And yet he is a fuckin sexual predator and gets crazy runk and drives around. I swear ima beat the fuck outta this fool one of these days.

    But he has a cabin about 4 hours north of where i live. He lets us go up there whenever we want. But we gotta work most the time. Fix the water pipes, Get the boats fixed, Cut the grasss which is super long, Open the cabin and clean and arrange furniture.

    But i fucking love it.


    Its on a small lake, Small to look at, Get on it and it seems nice size. Its not huge at all, He lives on a small pennisuala with about 12 houses on it. But therees about 150 houses around the lake, Then more behind jus close to the lake.

    We go up there during the summer. Try to for the weekened or if we can a week. Its great.

    Life so slow.

    Life in the fast lane, Thas how i live. I hate it, But i deal with and make the best of it.

    But the more i think of it.

    I been thinkin of ths for awhile now.

    Thas my goal.

    Move to someohwere kinda the boonies.

    I wanna be by water.

    Nothin is so relazin and sittin on your porch/deck and watchin the lake/ocean. Its amaxing.

    Drink some beers, Smoke some green, Play some tunes, And i could sit there for 10 hours watchin he water and watchin it turn night and everything. Its jus amazing. Something ive never expeirenced before i went there a couple years ago.

    Its like i left my life behind.

    I go to stores, And people are straight up like "You from detroit?". Dont know how they know, But they know.

    But up there its straight. Wed drink with some of the neighbors. Work with them. We at once had 4 wheelers and drove aruond drunk it was fucckin awesome. Went to an abaondoned house and got drunk and high as hell. It has a few miles from every direction from anything but treees and plants. Amaaxing.

    Wed kick it and drink and smoke and bullshit for hours. Then ride back fucked up.

    The nearest store is about half hour. But i loved it.

    Get to look at all the trees and land and smell the great smells of natrue, blare music and smoke a joint/blunt while ging there, Amazing.

    Where i live it smells like ass. Toxic fumes and tons of factorys it jus smells horrible.

    I love the country.

    I wanna move there.

    I almost feel depressed and hurt, Knowin i aient gon be there until atleast another year from now. And aient been up there in about a year. Shit sucks mad. We aient got the gas money to get all the way up there and money to get by and party and fix shit up there so we cant go. Stuck in the indsutrialized ghetto.

    Thas my goal, I now have a goal...

    Damn im drunk...
  2. haha, come on to my house man, i live in kentucky and visit cinci on a weekly basis for my ghetto when i need it lol. But i have a huge farm lol.
  3. maybe we can switch im out here in the country i really like the city though i try to spend as much time as i can there. i dunno i just love all the stores and shit so close togther
  4. Go for it man, do what you need to do. My father used to live in a mobile home out in the boonies and he got really lonly, no street lights, nobody to talk to. He moved out very quickly. But alot of people like different things. I for one love the city, love the environment, love concrete. Do what makes you happy man, best of luck.
  5. I hate the city because detroit is a hugely industrial city. Shit like zug islang ect. Alot of the city is nothing but huge factories and train tracks, All right next to hosues and projects and motesl and apartments and trailepraks and everything.

    Shit sucks.

    Mad bums, People up all time of night.

    Gun shots is nothing, ll hear gun shots and sirens right by my crib and sleep right through it. Normal shit.

    But i hate it.

    Hate it.

    Jus do.

    I love the city.

    But i hate how it makes me feel.

    In the boonies, I feel so carefree and welcome. Well not really welcome but they aient got shit on me so nobody fucks with me..

    I work hard and help people out and people in the boonies like it.

    I wanna have a family, A wife and maybe 2 kids, Older son, Younger daughter and kinda live in the boonies but close to the city so i can work in the city and they can go to shcool there and we can still live a far ass away from neighbiors and can do whatever ya want on your front proch without cops n shit ya know. I love it.

    Invest in toys like 4 wheelers and shit, Those are so much fun.

    It jus sounds amazing.

    Once the kids grow up.

    I wanna move a lil farther away from the city, Hopefully retire and enjoy e simple life, Enjoyin life for life. Not the money. I expect ill be smokin, Maybe drink a couple brews, And jus relax and contemplate life, Enjoy life for life and the nature and everything. Explore, Hopefully travel i wanna see so much. I dont wanna be held back. Seen it happen to much.

    I wanna move forward and jus live life, Life is too short, Have fun and enjoy it. And i know how i enjoy it.

    Alot of us frm the hood will sometimes all group up in like 20 cars packed, And go somewhere. Some park, Or anywhere.

    A month or so ago we went to some library place which had a huge pond and can fish and a basketball court n shit. No drinkni alowed but fuck it. We was ni the burbs though.

    BUt its like coutnry in this lil part kinda secluded. We drank beers, Smoked weed, Bumped the subs, Started off playin ball then fishsin. One homie said everytime you catch a fish ill give ya a beer and that goes to anyone. Hes ballin obviouslly.

    So i caught a few, And alreaqdy had 3 40's. Drank theoe and a like 13 fish i think i caught so 13 brews.

    Tore up.

    Awesome shit, Thats what i love.
  6. i live in the burbs over here in raleigh.

    it's nice here because in the city it's rather metro and had all the benefits (and downsides) to city life.


    you can drive about 20 mins outside the city and be out in the country. i have family that lives out there and it's nice to be out there away from everything once in a while.

    however, when you are used to city life, it gets boring very quickly. it's nice in moderation but grows tedious in no time.

    i had family who lived in Lenoir (it's a very isolated area in the app. mtn's in west. nc). we'd go out there every so often. their house was so out far away from everything. you had to turn off the paved road on a gravel road which was about 5 miles long to get to their house. they had so much land, just acres and acres and acres of hilly grassy meadows. (i could grow SO much weed out there).

    anyway, i always got so bored out there if i stayed more than a couple of days.
  7. I know about it bein borin, I could deal with it.

    I am ghetto so id make a ghetto basketball court if i couldnt afford one.

    Id get a pool table one way or another.

    Party room and shit.

    Get a couple or more 4 wheelers and have groups of us go out 4 wheelin.

    Goin fishin all the time, I could do it.

    Winter have snowskis and shit.

    I wanna pontoon boat and have a place nearby to take it out.

    FIgure itlll be great tog et the kids away from the city.

    The city will corrupt anybody, I dont want to see my kids corrupted. Itd kill me inside.

    Im really contemplating shit.


    Worried, Happy, Everything...
  8. All you can do with your kids is try to teach em whats right and be there for them when they need ya. Lifes too short to worry about all the what ifs. Take your dream and run with it. Congrats on the news btw dude.
  9. i know exactly how you feel man, my buddy has a lakehouse up in NH... and everytime i go there, its just amazing, i can't describe it any better than how you did, town is like 20 mins away, but god damn, we jsut go up there, chill out, get drunk and smoke some green, go out ont othe lake(he has a boat and a canoe and stuff, and theres like a raft for swimming and what not floating around all over the place) but its amazing, i love the boonies too, i wish i could move up there, to a lake, or a small cabin right by a mountain... so i could grow me some ganja in peace and go boarding whenever i wantedddddd!!!

    heres to both our dreams coming true, stick it out man, sooner or later it'll happen :D :wave:

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