what i am smoking??

Discussion in 'General' started by easygrower, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. today i got me some good weed super skunk and the other one i cant remember , my memory aint that good heh.. but i remember he said it has won the cannabis cup so i was wondering where i can see a complete list them ??
  2. how the hell do u expect us to tell you what strain of weed you're smoking?
  3. i have a feelin its some kinda weed.......
  4. ..hmhm/.... dotn feel like coming up with a witty answer ....soooo ....you wont know the true identity of the pot your smoking less you talk to its grower.. probably....
  5. ok seems like you dont get it!

    all i want is a link to a complete list of cannabis cup winners so when i see the name i prob will remember..
  6. Then why dont you search for it using the internet? Something similiar to this : Google :Cannabis Cup winners, etc etc.
    I think Overgrow.com might even have them, or at least some photos.

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