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What/How would dealers rip you off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by artyy, May 12, 2010.

  1. ex: giving less than paid for, refreshing weed with lemon, spraying it with air freshener
    anything else?
  2. Only the inexperienced get ripped off. Just know your stuff and bring a scale and you won't get ripped off. Being robbed is the only legit reason for getting ripped off.
  3. yeah i know, but i guess better question would be what do drug dealers do before they sell you the weed?
  4. Spraying it with air freshener???? DA FAWK
  5. Bring a scale, demand it not be ground up, smell it, inspect it. You're good. Only careless lazy, inexperienced people get screwed over.
  6. maaaaan these fuck nigggas nowdays will do all kinds of shit. instead of hangin up weed anymore they'll pop that shit in the microwave. theres 101 tricks and you can beat em all if you kno ur shit.
  7. Yeah man people will skimp you, pinch out of your bag, sell you some shit weed, take your money and dip...there's so many ways to get ripped off man. You just gotta know your shit and you'll be cool
  8. The most common one is just generally being wet down. People can wet down dense nugs and you really won't be able to feel it at all, although it'll make a big difference on the scale in water weight. It gets smoked so fast that people rarely notice a loss in weight from evaporation. Happens a lot more than you'd think.

    Stay informed and be aware. You'll never have a problem.
  9. Experience will keep you from ever being skimped or ripped off in any way, but it can and might happen in your lifetime.

    aside from the obvious (dealers weighing bags small , middle men pinching , etc)

    Some common ways to get ripped off are ::

    Weighing bags down with water or soda spray (misting buds with soda)

    Getting just the tip nugs with a long stem on them (stem weight) meaning the dealer broke nugs off the stem to either smoke , or make less stemmy bags for someone else.

    Getting Weed that has been Kiefed (lower quality , your dealer smoked your trichromes)

    Getting Wet or premature Bud (wet weighs more , you get less or premature bud that doesnt get you high)

    I might think of some more later.

    If you get hooked up with someone reputable, none of these things will ever happen. But always look before you buy. Do a smell test aswell, and hopefully, your dealer will smoke some of his/her product with you before you purchase.
  10. Oh yeah, how did I forget that one. I've heard of bud being misted with carbonated lemonade and orange soda. I don't think that really adds much weight, but instead gives the appearance of trichomes to new users and makes it feel dank and "sticky". Also must give it a fruity smell. I'll always be suspicious of "Lemon Kush" in my area for that very reason.
  11. My question would be, Why would dealers rip you off? They're messing with their own reputation. Word gets around and then next thing you know, you're flipping burgers at the local greasy spoon to pay for all the weed you can't unload. If you still have kneecaps at that point.

    Weed is plentiful. Dealers are everywhere. Why fuck around with an asshole?
  12. what would microwave do?
    and what are the 101 tricks?
  13. how do they wet them? just spray them with water?
  14. so like i said earlier, it's spraying weed with the air freshener?
  15. #16 One Truth, May 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2010
    I've seen this before, usually the bud will burn badly and might even break up weird if not using a grinder, if its happened recently. you can always tell if you have the bud for awhile and it evaporates, and you weigh your weed it looks like you smoked a lot more then you did
  16. lol me getting ripped off??

    i usually give my dealers fake bills mixed in wit real ones...who got the last laugh now fuckerssssss
  17. Yeah, it happens a lot with Beasters. I used to freak out over the summer thinking I was getting robbed or I was just smoking way too much.

    It just will feel odd to break up. It kind of goes under your finger nails when you break it up, if that makes sense. It just doesnt feel right, even after all the water has evaporated.
  18. what are you REALLY worried about, Artyy?
  19. well having bought literally pound upon pound of mids in high school i know just about everything shitty that can happen to buds. with a little experience it should be pretty obvious if something isn't right. notably if the stems bend like rubber or the buds are unnaturally moist the buds were probably orange peeled/rehydrated. you should be able to tell the difference between moist and resinous if youve ever had good sticky bud; its hard to explain. also be sure to smell your buds before you buy them if possible. if it smells FREAKISHLY blueberry/cocunut/strawberry etc smelling, bad, or not like weed in general that isn't good.

    to answer your original question, a lot of ways. tampering with the actual buds isn't all that common, but it does happen. generally dealers will just skimp your bag a little, especially if they think you're a noob or don't have a scale. also never ask for "x" amount of weed, ask how much they could do for a gram, eighth, quarter, etc.

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