What have you lost while high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cameronstone, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I lose shit all the damn time.
    Ive lost 3 phones (yeah expsensive)
    My wallet
    4 pairs of keys
    Garage door opener
    My shirt (dont ask)
    all sorts of little shit like chapstick. etc
    My ipod
    2 pairs of Sandals
    a pair of shoes
    And im sure even more shit that ive lost cuz i forgot about it
  2. my mind. muhahaha :)
  3. Coke+buds=??

    Good time. :smoke:
  4. My virginity.
  5. ^haha.

    i don't think i've lost anything permanently. i usually eventually find whatever i've lost.
    except i am absolutely convinced i lost half a joint. probably just smoked it and forgot,
    but every time i'm out of weed and cannot sleep i tear my room apart trying to find it. to no avail, of course..
  6. Lighters, every time i blaze.
    My keys
    oh and most important I lost my favorite pipe too.
    Idk where he went :[
  7. you sound like my boy tyler. dumb mother fucker would lose his head if we didn't keep that shit nailed down.
  8. If I were you I would start smoking a lot less. I hardly ever lose shit. I'll forget about lighters on tables when I leave dealers places and stuff but that's it.
  9. my pipe, ( i've lost it about 9 times before, it always finds it's way back to me though)
    an ipod (someone might've stolen it though),

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