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What have you learnt as a smoker?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by christian, May 29, 2009.

  1. As a smoker, i've learnt that not all people can smoke... especially if they're a chair... weed makes you do weird things.
  2. that the government lies to use and drugs are not all that bad. Each have their own positive and negatives, and by drugs I mean all even over the counter. Some have more positives then others. Smoke weed helps me concentrate and be more interested in things. It also has brang me closer to my spirituality and religion. I do not experiment with other illegal and non-socially accepted drugs other then mj. take care and stay HIGH:smoking::wave:
  3. I may be slightly blitzed (well, more than slightly) but I have no idea what you're talking about...

    I'll just answer your question

    As a smoker, I have learned that not all things smoke.
  4. I learnt that weed should definetly be legalized. A lot of propaganda has been going on since years. Before I started smoking I used to believe all that shit. If only I had known before.

  5. I've learned a lot about myself.
  6. I think thats what the government are afraid of. Also, once you smoke, you instantly realise all the propagana in relation to weed is bullshit.
  7. apparently not how to spell LEARNED.. haha i learned to not trust people that act like your friends and smoke all the time when i have bud but seem to forget about me when they get straight.. thats y i hang out wit about 5 people now there my close friends and always return the favor if i smoke them out.. ecxept for matt but well he is just a spoiled lil bum haha but fun to crack jokes on when hes drunk
  8. I learned that 1/8th = 3.5g
  9. Government is right about some drugs and the gateway theory is 1/2 true do to the fact that they trick the public to view marijuana as bad as other drugs so a kid does mj and learn oh its not that bad and then they wonder oh meth and coke perhaps the not so bad. But if they decategorized mj and legalized it then people would know the truth and boundry. MJ should be made legal.

    I do not know if this is true for all but it makes me view people as more of a good person then a bad and also feel that weed has its own culture within it. Take care bros and girls
  10. That glass is best kept clean.
  11. i learned that all the propoganda needs to stop and weed needs to be LEGALIZED! hence my sig
  12. I learned that you can partially smoke weed out of a macdonalds straw.....
    the circumstances that lead up to this...i was like a weed mygiver at the time.
    but it did not work to well and i felt quite sick afterwards.
    peace oxox
  13. I've learned how to make a smoking device out of damn near anything.
  14. I've learnt that for every over the counter, chemical-prescription shit, theres a strain that can do the same thing.

    Also I'm like MacGyver when it comes to making shit now. :smoking:
  15. Peoplewatching.
  16. I have learned how to control my anger, I have learned how to seperate the real from the fake. I learned how to grow, and learned how easy it is to get new connects. I learned that weed is absolutely nothing like how the government describes it, and in fact is safer than ALL over the counter prescriptions. I learned that theres alot more to learn and that learning is learning in itself. wait what?
  17. I've learned that nachos taste really, really good.
  18. when passing a joint, blunt, splif, whatever, try not to touch the cherry it hurts.
  19. I've learned that smoking gets rid of pms.
    and that if you're gonna smoke with your cat on a regular basis you better get used to him stalking you when you have bud.
  20. the more you smoke the better it gets.

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