what have you done in the last couple hours??

Discussion in 'General' started by -AM-ON, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. i woke up from a stoned nap at about 9pm then i just chilled n watched tv untill i started to feel too damn lazy lol. so i got up and cleaned my dirty ass bathroom when finished i took a shower, rolled up a blunt of jack herer, then took a burn cruise to wendys with my gf...and now here i am. :cool: :smoke:
  2. do you have a green card? just wondering.... i just got off work btw
  3. Filled out an application for Domino's, played some MW3, and cooked up a burger and I ATE THAT SHIT
  4. green card like mmj? naw..but its legit homegrown shit from a buddy
  5. played skyrim until about 3am... fell asleep until 11ish, woke up, smoked.. cleaned up my house a little. smoked.. more skyrim.. cleaned a little more.. smoked... ate food at some point.. now I'm about to go back to sleep for work in the a.m. :(
  6. Lost money on the Steelers/ Chiefs game. Then watched 3 episodes of the Walking Dead and now watching the Talking Dead.
  7. I think he's calling you a Mexican
  8. haha that was my first thought. and yes i am mexican :cool:
  9. made my cat watch while i got a blowjob. then kicked her outside.(the girl that is.)
  10. Jacked off and smoked a cigarette
  11. drank beer. delt with bs drama ( me being sarcastic about it so it wasnt a buzzkill )

    3 games of football ;)
    smoked a bowl

    and drinking more beer,'

    and listening to some good ole STS9 and Disco Biscuits
  12. Jerked off.


    Jerked off some more.
  13. had a pretty intense binger this weekend from 11am Friday - 5pm 11/27

    Didn't smoke at all until 12 hours ago during the comedown, passed the fuck out from 5p-1a, just woke up realizing I completely slept through picking up this girl to hangout with.

    Been up for 40 minutes, cleaned my bong, have the dead going on the speakers, and have a grinder FILLED with green and keif.

    Just packed and ready for lift off, anyone else doing an all nighter? I
  14. ya i'll be up till about 5 or 6 ripping bongs n chillin. i work night shift so i dont go into work till 5pm and off at 3am monday thru sat.. so its always an all nighter for me. luckily my gf works about the same hours as me everyday...it would be pretty boring bein up all night everynight by myself.
  15. I made this

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  16. I've been thinking of what to post in this thread.

  17. Yeah like I mentioned I just couldn't handle being awake since Friday anymore and just crashed. Now I'm wide awake again but this '85 Dead show is pretty banging.

    I'm home from college so all my buddies that I'd normally be smoking with aren't around but it IS nice to have a G last me an entire day now instead of 10 minutes in one J :smoke:
  18. [quote name='"boatdock"']I made this[/quote]

    Haha that was hella funny.
  19. lets see... Stayed up all night sneezing so i got up around 1 today. Had no motivation but still somehow i managed to go cook myself breakfast then jack off, started my new workout plan and actually finished it, took a shower and got dressed. Now im here.
  20. Watched tht show about the Mauricio's girl sheriffs. A few of em are fucken sexy.

    Smoked some, harvested some keif from some Unsmokeables

    I have a big stem collection so I shake it for keif every once in a whole.

    Watched more sexy sheriffs lol, now I'm having a glass of wine about to get down on some homemade baked ziti

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