What have I over fed my plants?

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  1. Hello, first time posting on this.

    I have a few problems with my plants. I'm growing blue kush by Dinafem, cookies kush by spanish seeds and chocolope, I can't remember the bank.

    There showing different signs but I think it's all from over feeding. Blue kush might to nitrogen or calcium, or both. I crushed up egg shells into dust and sprinkled a few pinches under the plant before watering.

    Any advice will be very much appreciated

    I will update with photos
    1502018237957716089849.jpg 1502018284610-1399122808.jpg 1502018318482-2143102869.jpg 15020183360271662124287.jpg 1502018368848-1267070725.jpg 1502018237957716089849.jpg bluekush

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  2. There are not all blue kush.. Goes by order.. 1st two photos blue kush, 2nd set is of cheese cookies (NOT cookies kush) and the last two is chocolope
  3. I don't see anything wrong. They do lose a little color when flowering triggers even with well fertilized soil. I've had a bunch of 'experts' tell me this. I'm experiencing it too. Just slightly
  4. Hey skullbasher,
    There definitely is with the last two photos, its shooting out 3 blade and 2 blade and even 1 blade leaf's. Really mutated looking. On the cookies kush, the first two photos, the tips of the leaves are bending to the side.
    I have a crap camera on the phone so they're probably not good.

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