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  1. Hi grasscity. I've been creeping these forums for a while for the purpose of research/education general personal knowledge etc. I take a lot of pictures of nature stuff.. plants, insects and landscapes and whatnot and its no strange concept to me that there are countless species of plants that look like the sacred herb at a quick glance

    This time it was a bit different though.

    I found a little "alcove" or whatever you want to call it (see attachments) with some stalky plants growing that have the palmate leaf pattern similar to the one we all know and love. At first I just assumed they were another look-alike. However, I am in Florida.. its extremely sunny and humid and just generally suitable for growing all kinds of plants and flowers in general and Autumn is approaching. ( Also this little clearing reeked like a maple-syrup-coated-christmas-tree and I can't quite explain why.)

    So... Have I found something like feral hemp or the like - or is this just a thorn bush? My gut tells me its just another plant but my inexperience and hopefulness brought me to these forums to ask those who are more knowledgeable. Being wrong isn't usually fun but in this case I would welcome it.

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